Table of Contents
Volume 2


Interpreting One Concurrent Calculus in Another 321
   R. Milner
Functional Logic Programming
The Semantics of a Functional Logic Language with Input Mode 327
   D. W. Shin, J. H. Nang, S. R. Maeng and J. W. Cho
Conditional Equational Programming and the Theory of Conditional Term Rewriting 337
   N. Dershowitz and M. Okada
Theory of Parallel Computation
Uniform Abstraction, Atomicity and Contractions in the Comparative Semantics of Concurrent Prolog 347
   J. W. de Bakker and J. N. Kok
Parallel Computational Complexity of Logic Programs and Alternating Turing Machines 356
   Y. Okabe and S. Yajima
Finite Failures and Partial Computations in Concurrent Logic Languages 364
   M. Falaschi and G. Levi
A Declarative Semantics of Parallel Logic Programs with Perpetual Processes 374
   M. Murakami
Formal Semantics
Semantics of Logic Programs over Sequence Domains 382
   S. Yamasaki
Local Definitions with Static Scope Rules in Logic Programming 389
   L. Giordano, A. Martelli and G. F. Rossi
WEIGHTED GRAPHS, A Tool for Expressing the Behaviour of Recursive Rules in Logic Programming 397
   P. Devienne
Program Analysis and Transformation (2)
Horn Equality Theories and Complete Sets of Transformations 405
   S. Holldobler
Preservation of Stronger Equivalence in Unfold/Fold Logic Program Transformation 413
   T. Kawamura and T. Kanamori
An Abstract Interpretation Scheme for Logic Programs Based on Type Expression 422
   A. K. Bansal and L. Sterling
Transformation of Strictness-Related Analyses Based on Abstract Interpretation 430
   M. Ogawa and S. Ono
Reasoning and Learning
Rules and Justifications: A Uniform Approach to Reason Maintenance and Non-Monotonic Inference 439
   M. Reinfrank and H. Freitag
An Efficient Learning of Context-Free Grammars for Bottom-Up Parsers 447
   Y. Sakakibara
Nonmonotonic Reasoning by Minimal Belief Revision 455
   K. Satoh
Generating Rules with Exceptions 463
   J. Arima
Situation Semantics
Situation Semantics and Semantic Interpretation in Constraint-Based Grammars 471
   P-K. Halvorsen
Partially Specified Term in Logic Programming for Linguistic Analysis 479
   K. Mukai
Towards a Computational Interpretation of Situation Theory 489
   H. Nakashima, H. Suzuki, P. K. Halvorsen and S. Peters
Logic and Theorem Proving
Knowledge Representation and Inference Based on First-Order Modal Logic 499
   K. Iwanuma and M. Harao
Declarative Semantics for Modal Logic Programs 507
   Ph. Balbiani, L. Farinas Del Cerro and A. Herzig
Epistemic Logic Programming 515
   Y. J. Jiang
Theorem-Proving with Resolution and Superposition: An Extension of the Knuth and Bendix Procedure to a Complete Set of Inference Rules 524
   M. Rusinowitch
Messages form Parallel Complexity Theory: Does Parallelism Help ?
Parallel Complexity and P-Complete Problems 532
   S. Miyano
Parallel Approximation Algorithms 542
   E. W. Mayr


Program Analysis and Transformation (1)
Algebraic Meta-Level Programming in Prolog 555
   G. Louis and M. Vauclair
Program Transformation Applied to the Derivation of Systolic Arrays 565
   N. Yoshida
The Use of Assertions in Algorithmic Debugging 573
   W. Drabent, S. Nadjm-Tehrani and J. Maluszynski
Transformation Rules for GHC Programs  582
   K. Ueda and K. Furukawa
Meta-Computation and Reflection
A Tutorial Introduction to Metaclass Architecture as Provided by Class Oriented Languages 592
   P. Cointe
Directions for Meta-Programming 609
   J. W. Lloyd
Reasoning about Knowledge and Ignorance 618
   L. C. Aiello, D. Nardi and M. Schaerf
Computation Models
Software for the Rewrite Rule Machine 628
   J. A. Goguen and Meseguer
A'UM - A Stream-Based Concurrent Object-Oriented Language - 638
   K. Yoshida and T. Chikayama
Guarded Horn Clause Languages: Are They Deductive and Logical ? 650
   C. Hewitt and G. Agha
Functional Programming
Lazy Evaluation of FP Programs: A Data-Flow Approach 658
   Y-H. Wei and J-L. Gaudiot
Committed Choice Functional Programming 666
   G. Bage and G. Lindstrom
A Progress Report on the LML Project 675
   B. Bertolino, P. Mancarells, L. Meo, L. Nini, D. Pedreschi and F. Turini
Program Evaluation and Generalized Partial Computation 685
   Y. Futamura
Constraint Logic Programming
The Constraint Logic Programming Language CHIP 693
   M. Dincbas, P. Van Hentenryck, H. Simonis, A. Aggoun, T. Graf and F. Berthier
Applications of a Canonical Form for Generalized Linear Constraints 703
   J. L. Lassez and K. McAloon
Deductive Data Bases
A Query Independent Method for Magic Set Computation on Stratified Databases 711
   I. Balbin, K. Meenakshi and K. Ramamohanarao
Efficient Query Answering on Stratified Databases 719
   J-M. Kerisit and J-M. Pugin
Answering Linear Recursive Queries in Cyclic Databases 727
   C-S. Wu and L. J. Henschen
CAP - A Three-Phase Query Processing Technique for Indefinite Databases 735
   S. Chi and L. J. Henschen
Parallel Programming Languages
ANDORRA Prolog - An Integration of Prolog and Committed Choice Languages 745
   S. Haridi and P. Brand
Design of a Concurrent Language for Distributed Artificial Intelligence 755
   J. Ferber and J-P. Briot
The Language FCP (:,?) 763
   S. Kliger, E. Yardeni, K. Kahn and E. Shapiro
Meta-Interpreters and Reflective Operations in GHC 774
   J. Tanaka
Logic Programming Languages
Tables as a User Interface for Logic Programs 784
   M. H. M. Cheng, M. H. van Emden and J. H. M. Lee
Modular and Communicating Objects in SICStus Prolog 792
   N. A. Elshiewy
Benchmarking of Prolog Procedures for Indexing Purposes 800
   M. Meier
Foundations of DISLOG, Programming in Logic with Discontinuities 808
   P. Saint-Dizier