are feeling an odd discomfort today, and they cannot put an identity with it. Something is wrong, and there is no medical diagnosis; no pills will "fix" it. As our systems, minds and spirits adjust to the changing frequencies in the world as we approach late December of 2012, you can find side-effects. Especially our Lightbodies are changing, and no matter what towards the Lightbody will likely be felt inside physical/mental/emotional bodies. It is good to find out of the unwanted effects, and what can you do about balancing ourselves to make the Shift in the Ages easier and comfortably.Here can be a listing of some of the additionally reported side-effects of ascension:1. Feeling as if you are under some sort of weight or pressure, feeling a rigorous energy or extremely stressed.2. Sensing a loss of revenue of place, disoriented, feeling uncertain of what your location is in space.3. Memory problems4. Alternating between waking at 2-4 am and sleeping for unusually extended periods of time.5. Unexplained pains/aches anywhere, but particularly mid back or neck area6. Heightened experiences of sensitivity to your environment.7. Feeling of confusion--not knowing you you truly are--identity questions.8. Hearing, smelling, seeing or perceiving issues that are "not there."9. Seeing movement out of the corner of the eye, but if you consider look, nothing unusual is there.10. Anxiety, depression and/or panic.11. Vivid dreams, sometimes disturbing or perhaps violent (as you release past life trauma.)12. Body heating up--sweating, feeling heat--day or night (as you burn up or release dross.)13. Moving house, or changing life direction, suddenly or unexpectedly. Getting into nightmarish situations, while you balance what's lacking or what's too much as part of your body/mind.So, what can you do if these connect with you? Maybe you have been having one or perhaps all thirteen of those symptoms. What can you do about it? Since the main thing that is certainly happening is always that were evolving from homo sapiens to homo luminous, or into Lightbeings, one and only thing that generally seems to guidance is working on the Lightbody. That means getting energy work.What constitutes energy work? Reiki, EDINA energy medicine, Psych-K, BodyTalk, Touch for Health, Quantum Touch, Matrix Energetics, and so forth. Energy Medicine is what this is what's called, and also Dr. Oz has proclaimed that energy drugs are the future of medicine.So find a practitioner in your area, or try energy work at a distance. You will see that celebrate a difference almost immediately, because even distance energy work can balance your Lightbody. (This is because space and time are an illusion - we are all interconnected by a vast timeless medium called The Field.)You will quickly realize a great number of are looking at various forms of their time medicine, even as a lot more forms of this healing are being birthed on top of the planet right now. Google any of these mentioned, and rely on inner guidance as for the one with which you resonate. Trust yours

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