Under the "face economy", in addition to collagen, nicotinamide, hyaluronic acid, probiotics, enzymes and other ingredients appearing in all kinds of oral beauty products at home and abroad, it will also attract brands such as biscuits, soft candy and drinks to "enter the circle".Recently, a whitening ingredient called nicotinamide began to grab the circle of beach snacks. A merchant launched biscuits with nicotinamide. Nicotinamide, which is popular with young people, also contains nicotinamide. "Nicotinamide, which is taken internally, is metabolized to the surface of the skin through training and has a whitening and anti-aging effect on the skin."There are also some in the mask and some in my heart. What is the "rewritable and oral" nicotinamide? In fact, nicotinamide is a nicotinamide compound, also known as nicotinamide. Speaking of nicotinamide, another name - vitamin B3 has more grounding gas, which is one of the 13 vitamins needed by the human body. Nicotinamide is a derivative of vitamin B3 and a B vitamin.Does nicotinamide really have whitening effect in food? It's hard to say! Nicotinamide is an essential vitamin for human body. It plays a certain role in inhibiting melanin precipitation and anti-inflammatory, but it only plays an auxiliary role as a whitening product. Now the whitening effect added to food is actually very little. In addition, nicotinamide is not suitable for everyone. Some people will have skin redness, itching and tingling after using nicotinamide. It is suggested that consumers should ensure safety and health when choosing food.

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