And I MAKE you do nothing. It is YOUR CHOICE of how you feel. You feel less confident because you CHOOSE to feel less confident. In other words, you're setting yourself up for failure. People do it all the time. Instead of focusing on the small successes you've made, you chose to focus on your failures and look for some kind of scapegoat to blame (Me).

You need to take responsibility for how you feel. As long as you focus on the failures, you will be a failure. But if you try to find something positive about every interaction, you'll find that not only will you feel better, but your successes will become more and more frequent.

I didn't single you out, but know that I have taken men in worse circumstances than your own, and completely turned them around. You just have to learn to trust my methods. And believe me, we've all been there before.


dood. you're stuff has taught me so much over the last year. i'm realizing this now because i'm at ASU (Arizona State) and my game has improved tremendously since the last time i was here. i remember reading the game 1 1/2 years ago and i thought that the negging i was doing was right. i used to ask girls what school they went to, to which they would usually reply ASU or some other small school from around here, and i would reply (usually visably disgusted) that i went to michigan and that i went to a better school than them. terrible, i know. i knew that i had improved since then but i wanted to be sure. so i recently came out to asu (to visit my dad) with a totally revamped mentality and the change in my game was very noticeable. i wasn't sure if i could pick up 9's and 10's (simply because the university of michigan has very few of them) but coming here has confirmed my belief that i can. and not only that i can but that they approach me. i'm going to l.a. on thursday (i'll keep you abreast with random texts to let you know how i'm doing) and i'll really be able to test my game on the top notch women of the U.S.

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