Dear Bitter Single Guy: I’m 18 and been with my girl for 2 years. We moved in together about 3 months ago. I feel as though its too early for a serious relationship, and there is much in life I’m missing but I believe she is “the one” What do I do? ~Too Early Relationship

Dear TER: The Bitter Single Guy believes, based on his own experience of being 18 years old, that every relationship is serious at some level. But he also thinks, as you seem to, that settling in for a lifetime commitment at 18 is a little early. The BSG knows there are folks out there who met in their teens and are still happily-ever-after several decades later, but the BSG also knows that there are folks out there who were struck by lightning while wearing yellow pants. In both cases, just because it’s true for a few random suckers doesn’t mean it will work for most of us.

TER the good news, in the BSG’s opinion, is that you don’t need to do much of anything. Time and growing older is likely to split you up without much effort. Hang in there until you’re convinced that it’s time to move on (as opposed to being on the fence as you are now), or until your delicate flower pulls the plug for you. ~BSG

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