Discord Jeopardy 3Welcome ladies and gentlemen to discord. jeopardy three i'm your host. tender willy i'm joined by means of chewie larry. croft and isaac why. chewie let us know a little bit approximately. yourself um uh my call is. chewie and i've almost uh 700 000. subscribers on youtube. that may be a blatant lie not real. larry let us know anything approximately your self. what did you say hi there hi there. are you well i'm joe biden uh isaac. could you uh like to tell us approximately. your self. ok very well with that being reported. we'll initiate with. our subjects here wait huh i want to say. whatever. you only reported no you gotta deal with me like. a white girl. isaac do you want to discuss. your self oh that's okay. okay are you sure yeah. ok anyway am i able to hi i'm isaac i'm so. noted and warm. wait can i redo i certainly not do mine yeah. certain pass forward i am so attractive and warm pleasant.<iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/J_tgFX6v_NI" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>No dude ok moving on we are gonna go to. our subjects for at present. shut the up we have youtube twitch. video games acronyms between us and. memes acronyms acronyms okay so who. want to begin. leave me meet me of course it goes. uh from left to right hold up ok uh. isaac you must start first. 800. ok in the last yr. in step with google trends. it really is the most extremely searched topic. dream pace runs that is inaccurate wait. what turned into the question. per google traits it really is the. maximum tremendously searched subject. larry corp's husband that also is. wrong did you say in line with. google translate. trends oh um i have been buzzed. hang on wait i haven't got an answer. either. home dog you ran out of time thrice. in a row. am i able to answer anyways due to the fact i feel i. comprehend sure is it minecraft that's.incorrect. oh ok what is it it's uh between us oh. yeah. it's correct there in front of our faces. no. o.k. so nobody acquired that one correct. that changed into among us i presumed you guys. have been smarter. you must knock out youtube men. Three hundred what three no larry. this is the third one in a row larry do. you spot Three hundred on that record oh. i did not are aware of it goes ok youtube four hundred.. after no longer posting for a whole 12 months. this large gaming youtuber made a made a. go back earlier than the top of 2020.. thanks yet no isaac who is corpse. husband that is also wrong. the answer is fits who cares. carson who's carson. memes for four hundred. memes for four hundred. this large. twitch streamers video blew up on. twitter dancing in a bernie sanders. blouse. isaac who is nicole that is true ah. rattling it let me bet among us 1000. in the map scaled thiis specific spot on. https://wefx.info/matchmaker-discord-bot-see-here/ will inform you to. take a destroy larry oh i didn't even. press that. okay back to larry all right between us. one thousand. that wasn't. are you critical are you serious. are you critical this sucks i believe like. an fool among us 800.. there are this volume of colors you could. make a choice from whilst customizing your. crewmate. isaac how many thirteen. that is wrong. chewy 18.. what percentage like 15. that is additionally incorrect. the right answer is 12.. i am getting like pity points for being close. sure 20.. o.k. let me get um acronyms 400.. lgbtq oh. isaac lesbian homosexual bisexual. isaac pills are. rad every person oh. i do not certainly comprehend either but i'll. wager drug. region cut down. erection. you were near you had one note right. yeah certainly. now not erection take it away larry um. drug abuse resilience convinced. edward. i am unable to reflect on the last one i don't.recognize what the you can stand for drug abuse resistance schooling i stated resilience oh okay you said edward you'll have gotten there very well permit me get memes 600. this meme is just the chunky edition of a caricature bunny that became larry um oh my god i forgot his name oh my god oh my god uh um lower back to larry cross forward meme's one thousand wow conclude the quote you scent like you farted larry these 3 innocent words were lately banned from being suggested during stay streams uh isaac what are synth virgin and pogchamp yeah that is incorrect i haven't got a solution your honor in cell virgin and simp oh facts yep uh back to chewie um i want to offer my turn to larry yeah sure all right we're gonna do games one thousand.In https://mega-dance.info/alert-bot-discord/ what real life animal. produced the sound consequences of a ghast. larry what's cat that is authentic that's. right again to you larry oh. do we have twitch 1000 uh we do all. correct twitch Two hundred.. okay thiis famous emote was removed in. early 2021. after presidential election controversy. isaac. isaac what's pogchamp which a thousand. thiis user peaked 2.4 million concurrent. viewers when streaming fortnite. larry drake oh who is drake. isaac who is ninja it is not ninja i do not. suppose. he is i'm caught among two the graph g. twitch for 600. thiis company purchased. twitch for 970 million cash in 2014.. larry what is amazon that is right. between us 400. this politician is legendary. for playing between us survive twitch. that is right who is aoc ioc i believe is. the governor of new york she's a. consultant. whatsoever alright we all know that corpse. https://gogodev.info/discord-poll-bot-showering-people-with-plethora-of-possibilities/ flirted together with her. okay you guys have video games left uh. games 800.. in minecraft a collection of endermen is. referred to as this. larry the lakers. no that is inaccurate it is a heed. it starts with an h it do not certain it do i. do not believe it do. it does i just suggested it i definitely do. uh i will simply let you know it's known as a. haunting of enderman. oh yeah without a doubt i would have gotten. it's that coded in the game or. whatever someone had requested one of the. builders on twitter he said let's just. name it a haunting. all right uh last query we're gonna. conclude off all of games. this game franchise is used in. poultry the teeth crimson vs blue sequence. uh larry what's halo that is correct. i couldn't focus on the question because. he sent the cheese. ok so we are gonna go to our last. query right here for 30 seconds on the.on the clock the question is in 2012 psy. got the record for the foremost youtube. views ever. passing this former list holder timer. starts now you may begin. remember i want to know the artist and. the call of the music. oh it is a track oh. o.k. i need that you can please. ship me your submissions we will start. with chewie. damn it dangle on what do you suggest grasp on. what i must cross first i necessarily move final. oh my god pleasant cross. first chewie oh my god i'm going last. larry go forward. am i the sole one that's executed okay we are going to. start with isaac. isaac will go to you first where is. justin bieber baby oh i didn't even. consider that. that is true o.k. larry okay let. me clarify. what is happening right here. bro it's purple is that s. yeah it is yeah okay well. let's not overlook. it's not fred now not his purple rocket. butthole.okay uh chewie um i presumed it become. kfi the fireworks track by katy perry. why is my face. good with that being stated that's serious about. at present how do you guys feel you men consider. clever. you know what i think i'll just provide you with. guys a flat detrimental 1 000 each. because you're all on the adverse no. topic what how i just received the final. limitation. in the end round in genuine jeopardy what. in fact happens is you are not even. allowed to parttake in the final. one so uh with that being stated alex. trebek had gave up the ghost earlier in 2020.. you recognize definitely. oh my god on the host the host. yeah he had passed away yeah again you. know it's it is cool that we are able to do that. sort of aspect. it is unhappy to see which you understand what i. mean devoid of him i would not be ha i. wouldn't have the foundation to do it. so. wait who died. vegeta these be silly be acting.

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