Teach you to stay away from constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy1. Causes of hemorrhoids in pregnant womenHemorrhoids in pregnant women are easy to appear in the later 28 ~ 36 weeks of pregnancy, especially constipation and local varicose veins before delivery. Because during pregnancy: the blood supply in the pelvic cavity increases, the uterus expands with the growth of the fetus day by day, and then compresses the veins, resulting in the obstruction of blood reflux.At the same time, the relaxation of pelvic tissue during pregnancy promotes the occurrence and aggravation of hemorrhoids. Finally, because the rectum and anus are oppressed by the uterus and blood stasis, it will also promote the occurrence of hemorrhoids.2. Specific symptoms of hemorrhoids in pregnant womenThe first symptom: constipation, bloody stool.Constipation and bloody stool are not only the causes of hemorrhoids in pregnant women, but also the clinical symptoms of hemorrhoids in pregnant women. Hemorrhoids can aggravate constipation. Constipation leads to failure to discharge toxins in the body in time, which leads to skin diseases such as acne, acne and pigmentation. For a long time, it may also lead to anemia and malnutrition.The second symptom is anemia.Due to repeated hemorrhoids bleeding, pregnant women often feel tired and dizzy. With the increasing severity of anemia, pregnant women will also have symptoms and manifestations such as pale complexion, fatigue, loss of appetite, palpitation, accelerated heart rate, shortness of breath and edema after physical activity.The third symptom is that it may lead to obesity.Hemorrhoids patients often have tingling sensation and inconvenient movement due to the swelling of anal blood vessels. They often sit for a long time, which hinders blood circulation and slows down metabolism. Obesity is easy to follow.

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