This question has been on my mind over the last few months. Living in America, I'm very engaged in pop culture. Dua Lipa's slippers as well as Kanye west's dwarfed wife are only two examples. Pop culture is something that I enjoy and I am a fan of all the participants. I would make a great host on one of these Gossip & Hollywood info-talk shows that feature hosts who spill the outfits of the most famous stars. Then, they move to hosts with less fame and finish with blasts out of the past. These are glimpses of celebrities who aren't around for quite some time. All of these news and gossip would I deliver with love, passion, everything with love, unlike most present hosts who simply give a few details and don't even try to relate.I've tried my best to include music from other areas in my collection of music. For the start I'm beginning to determine what kind of music is popular in different countries. I started with a couple of European monoliths, like Germany, UK France Sweden Spain Portugal etc. After spending hours watching Youtube videos, I was convinced I had a good handle on the subject and that it would give me any information I desired. But not so easy.. Apparently all one can see is the most popular and trendy music in their area or their country at the most. Then I checked out other websites that clain to include the top 20 songs most popular from Youtube for their nation.. Some did, but the majority of it was old news as nobody would want to publish a blog on the most popular 20 songs every week. This is something that should be on television, isn't it? Hit-parades and stuff like that.I persevered in my search.. After weeks of little to no success in finding an online source of recent, current songs from other countries, I decided it was time to end my search. The only option I could come up with an answer was to utilize a Firefox free proxy plugin. (FF generally has better plugins, and developers are more generous, I think). This would allow me to the Internet through someone else who is in a different country. I could then browse Youtube like I was in Spain or Germany. It was very insecure because these connections can be slow and then disappear. However, there was a possibility, so I tried it. I was frustrated by the limited selection of countries available and the need to locate reliable sources. It was the Top 20 Most Popular Youtube Videos link. It would load about two dozen Youtube music videos in a matter of minutes I was presented with the USA chart.. Next, I switched the language of the interface to German, and it returned the top 20 most watched videos. Amazingly, Top 20 German trending music videos were loaded.. It doesn't matter how that happens. I loved the delivery. It's extremely simple, speedy and simple to use. You can navigate and change the languages, and you will discover the most popular songs of Korea and other countries, like Hungary, Romania and Portugal.<img width="376" src="">

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