If you want to feel young, come to Thailand. Most likely, you will be the youngest non-Asian guy here by at least ten years....with the exception of the European backpackers!

So this was not a dirty or even crazy thirty. It was more like a pause…a time for reflection and a view towards the future. In our busy lives, it is very rare that we take a pause…disconnect ourselves from our lives and our world and just think…for once I am all thought and no action.

I feel rather clean and free. I do not know if it was all the meditation or the sweating and diarrhoea but I feel light…cleansed..detoxified. I feel good. Young at heart and in mind...the Budhist way. I feel like I have charted a life plan for the next decade. I have revalued my goals, my priorities and my values.

Age is a mental state really…that is the story all of us in our 30s tell ourselves.

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