fucinhigh08: ok it’s the end of the day and it’s time for your raise and you knock at my office doorfucinhigh08: i’m wearing a black suit with a white shirt and bright red tieyankees2girl: what kind of company are you the boss of?fucinhigh08: insurance companyyankees2girl: lolfucinhigh08: lol i don’t knowyankees2girl: ok i'm wearing a skirt that’s just above the knee...not quite appropriate for work, and a button up white blouse with stockings that only go mid-thigh.. you’ll see them later haha and high heelsyankees2girl: so your door is partially open and only a few people are left on our floor, i knock on your door and stand in the hallway waiting for youfucinhigh08: “come in” i say looking down writing something on a paperyankees2girl: i open the door and pause so you can see who it is, i start walking towards you "good evening sir, i’m sure you know what this is about"This story is unlike any other stories you have ever read. This is an actual role that me and my boyfriend have done. I have cleaned it up a bit, so there are fewer spelling mistakes. Please do not leave comments on bad grammar and spelling. This is a real instant messenger conversation. Just in case you don't know, lol = laugh out loud. When there is a set of two paranthesis, likes this *1, it's me and him breaking out of the role. I hope you enjoy the story because it is really good and hot. Thank you!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------fucinhigh08: looking up at you moving my eyes up and down as i always do "yes i’m sure this is about your raise" i say putting my papers awayyankees2girl: "yes sir it is...you said you would think about it" i take a seat in the chair in front of your desk and cross my legsfucinhigh08: "well i have thought about it erica" i say looking at your legs then up at you "i was thinking a 50 cent raise would be sufficient" i say with a smirkyankees2girl: i look at you shocked but quickly regain composure "sir we know that is not fair. i’ve been working for you for almost 5 years now. i think i deserve more than that"fucinhigh08: “well maybe but we’re a small firm and we just don’t have the money" i look at you with a dirty smileyankees2girl: "sir please, i can not support myself and my son with this kind of money. please think of reconsidering, or i might have to leave"fucinhigh08: “where are you gonna go if i don’t give you a good reference" i say leaning over the deskfucinhigh08: "you really don’t have much choice in the matter sweetheart”yankees2girl: i look down defeated and fix my skirt out of nervousness "please sir, i don’t want to leave. i like this company, please a bigger raise. that’s all i ask"fucinhigh08: “ok, i’ll tell you what. i’m a man with a big heart so i’ll give you a chance to earn a bigger raise. hows that?" i say looking you up and downyankees2girl: my eyes open wide "really! name it, i’ll do it!"fucinhigh08: "now that’s a good girl" i say standing up and walking around to the front of the desk and sitting on the edge right in front of youyankees2girl: i look up at you nervously but with a smilefucinhigh08: "erica how would you feel about being my slave everyday after work for a few hours" i say seriously waiting for your reactionyankees2girl: not understanding i ask "what do you mean slave? like doing your laundry cleaning your house..."fucinhigh08: i laugh at you "no, look my wife isn’t very ummm sexually active....i need a hot little young bitch like you to be my little toy and i figured you need the money and i need to cum"yankees2girl: i look at you shocked and kind of repulsed "mr. smith" i stand up "i don’t think that’s appropriate...you can not think that i would do that for money"fucinhigh08: " why the fuck not? i’d be willing to pay you another 7 dollars an hour"fucinhigh08: i say standing up a little madyankees2girl: "7 dollars?" i ask shakilyfucinhigh08: “yep 7 dollars just for a little cock sucking and pussy fucking" i say walking towards youyankees2girl: i back peddle "i..i..i just can’t that’s wrong, and you know that" i turn around and head towards the doorfucinhigh08: i grab you by your hair and pull you back towards me and spin you around and grab your cheeks "look you little bitch your gonna fucking suck my cock one way or another so either take the 7 dollars and shut the fuck up or i’m going to fucking make you take my cock in your throat so hard you wont be able to swallow nothing but ice creamfor a week"yankees2girl: *2fucinhigh08: *3yankees2girl: *4yankees2girl: *5fucinhigh08: *6yankees2girl: *7yankees2girl: i look you deep in the eyes as tears swell up in the corners of them, as a tear rolls down my cheek is say "fine" between clenched teeth from you holding onto my facefucinhigh08: “good little bitch" i say as i spit in your face and push your head down forcing you to fall to the ground as i unzip my pants and begin to pull out my cockyankees2girl: i stare up at you as i wipe your spit and the tears away from my face, i try to keep eye contact with you, not looking at your cockfucinhigh08: i slap your face and tell you to look at it as i stroke it in front of youyankees2girl: i slowly make my way to look at your cock pausing for the longest time at your stomach, even though i can see your cock i don’t look directly at itfucinhigh08: “here get a better look slut" i say as i take my cock and wipe it all over your face poking your eye and sliding it between your lipsyankees2girl: i part my lips for you and i look up at you with hate in my eyes, i feel your cock fill my mouthfucinhigh08: i laugh as i see how mad you are "your gonna love this hun" i say as i grab your hair and slam your head forward smashing your face on my hard stomach instantly stretching your throat openyankees2girl: i choke hard as you suddenly force yourself all the way in my throat and my nose is instantly ground into your stomach i cough and gag hard with your cock deep in my throatfucinhigh08: *8fucinhigh08: i rub your face on my stomach as i hold your head deep and thrust my hips trying to go as deep as i canyankees2girl: my face is already turning red but you can’t see it, all you see is my hair very messy from your forceful thrusts. you can hear me choke on your cock and i know feeling me gag is turning you on even morefucinhigh08: leaving one hand on your head i take my other hand and try and stuff my balls in your mouth with my cock buried in your throat i take my hand and open your jaw more and put one of my balls in your mouthfucinhigh08: as you gag and cough hard spitting everywhereyankees2girl: *9yankees2girl: i try to scream as you force my jaw open but it’s muffled by your cock. i feel you practically rip my jaw wider to fit your balls in my mouth as i keep coughing and gagging on your cock that’s already as deep as it can be in my throatfucinhigh08: knowing your gagging and can’t breath i start going hard in your throat still holding your jaw open pulling it downfucinhigh08: i start bobbing your head so fast you get dizzyyankees2girl: i grab onto your legs digging my nails into them and scratching at them, my face is beet red and i can’t breath at all my eyes are shut tight because your going to fast for me to try to keep them openfucinhigh08: i moan loud as i bob your head as fast as i fucking can, feeling you dig into me, i slam you hard so my cock is buried in your throat and start shooting a huuuge load of cum straight down your throatyankees2girl: i cough on your cum as i feel it in my throat, each time you pull out of my mouth before thrusting back deep in my throat, cum and spit flings everywherefucinhigh08: i cum hard for a few seconds then leave my cock buried in your throat letting you gag on the last bit of cum and making you choke a little harderfucinhigh08: cum dripping down your face and onto your blouseyankees2girl: i push on your legs trying to get off, not able to breathefucinhigh08: seeing you struggle i hold your head tighter and begin fucking it again with little thrusts "what's the matter? https://www.openlearning.com/u/jespersendavid-r3sriy/blog/AllisonSStoryPartTwo can’t breathe bitch" i say holding your head tightyankees2girl: i feel myself get really weak from lack of oxygen and i stop pushing on your legs as i open my eyes and look up at youfucinhigh08: looking like your going to pass out i smile at you and continue fucking your throat. your gags are light now as i make my cock hard againyankees2girl: i plead with you through my eyes. my whole body goes limp and i can barely kneel anymorefucinhigh08: i thrust hard one last time as you go completely limp and i throw you backwards to the groundyankees2girl: i fall back gasping for air as my face slowly starts going back to normal color. as i lay there i look up at you, my chest going up and down very fast trying to catch my breathfucinhigh08: i kneel in front of you and start pulling your skirt off "good job erica you took that throat fucking like a pro" i say taking off your skirt and then literally ripping your boy shorts offyankees2girl: still dizzy and weak from not breathing all i do is watch you "mr. smith" i say with a very scratchy and soft voice "please, can i go?"fucinhigh08: “yes. as soon as i cum again erica you may go” i say taking my cock and rubbing it on your pussy lips<img width="392" src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-ThER5drP31U/T0dmUfPbaNI/AAAAAAAACaQ/LlPJFioqekg/s1600/most-beautiful-girls31.jpg">yankees2girl: my eyes get wide again as i feel your cock on my lips i suddenly get energy and start crab walking away from you "no no you cant please, i don’t need the raise, please"yankees2girl: "and plus you can’t possibly cum again...that load was too big, please"fucinhigh08: i put my hand on your chest and push down holding you on the floor "you better believe i can cum again and your gonna take it again" i say as i slam my cock deep into your very tight hot little pussyyankees2girl: i moan loud and i know you can feel how wet getting my mouth fucked by your cock made me. i grab at the arm on my chest for something to hold on tofucinhigh08: “mmm you like getting your throat fucked didn’t you erica?” i say as i slam my cock in and out of your tight little pussyyankees2girl: i look away in shame and i try to muffle my moansfucinhigh08: “i knew you were a little slut erica" i say as i grab and squeeze one of your huge firm tits, continuing to pound your little hot pussyyankees2girl: i wrap my arms around your back and upper body and pull you closer to me trying to get you deeperfucinhigh08: i start fucking you hard and deep as i lay almost on top of you and lean down and kiss your cum covered mouthyankees2girl: i kiss you back hard sliding my tongue in your mouth disappointed i can’t choke you. i moan load as we kissfucinhigh08: i kiss you hard as i moan fucking you hard i start rubbing your clit hard and fastyankees2girl: as i feel your hand on my clit i cum hard, my pussy clenching tight around your cock. i moan into your mouthfucinhigh08: as you cum i feel your little pussy tighten and it milks my cock making it fill your wet bald little pussy with cum so much it starts dripping out while i’m still cummingyankees2girl: i grind my hips against you feeling the cum between my legs dripping down onto the floor i break the kiss and moan as i stare at you completely drained of energy

*1 word
*2 omg
*3 i knew you’d love that
*4 dammmn
*5 holy fuck
*6 i was thinking it while i was typing it
*7 wow
*8 mmmmmm
*9 mmmmmomg

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