Creative Partners is an innovative, independent, integrated, full-service digital marketing agency, specializing in digital brand marketing, interactive communications, social media and traditional media. The company has been in operation for 25 years. It has developed a strong strategic customer and brand understanding through extensive market research and creative branding and promotional strategies. Creators of the Creative Partners Brand extend their experience and resources to help their clients achieve brand consistency and long-term sustainability.A principal creative partner is responsible for establishing the company's vision and mission statement, executing a marketing strategy and executing creative strategy from a creative perspective. Each creative partner is an artist with a specific art style or who has a complimentary visual aesthetic that complements the client's mission. Many creative partners share a common love of music, gardening, fine art, film, theatre, children's books, food, herbs and other natural products with a commitment to promoting these lifestyle choices and entertain them at the same time. The primary roles of a creative partner are as follows:Marketing and business development - strategizing and implementing strategies to build brand awareness and create positive impressions, particularly during the early stages of the relationship when complementary interests can be established. of the partnership will be to establish strong business relationships. The key creative partners will build strong marketing and management systems to support each other's creative efforts. As the creative relationship develops over time, creative pairs may become the primary driver behind the business development efforts. The partner with the greatest ability to drive growth and implementation will be given the leading role.Brand and creative partnerships must be nurtured and cultivated in order to become enduring. While working together initially, each partner should be encouraged to expand the existing parameters of their relationship, such as scope, products and services. They should also be encouraged to consider expanding outside of the current working together. This is one of the many aspects of partner leadership and is referred to as "creative partnership development".Early implementation - When developing a new strategic partnership, it is critical that each partner be given ample time to explore the feasibility of the partnership and present their perspectives on the issues that should be addressed. Gaining a good understanding of one another's thoughts is one of the most important elements of this type of relationship. Also, get to work, the more likely it is that one of them will find something of particular interest to the other. In addition, both creative partners need to be able to communicate their thoughts clearly to the other. It is essential to foster an environment where each partner is free to express their ideas and passions without fear of being squashed or criticized by the other partner.Collaboration - A healthy and thriving creative relationship demands a great deal of collaboration between the partners. In the beginning, each partner must set the pace for the creative relationships. In order for a creative couple to stay afloat during the early days of the relationship, a creative partner must demonstrate the willingness to be open, supportive, and give their all to create the greatest work possible. Although some creative relationships thrive through sheer luck, collaboration is a quality that most creative couples cultivate over time.The difference between being an artistic director and a creative partner is that an artistic director must wait for their artists to reach the point where they are ready to hire their own managers. Artists who are self-employed usually work with their personal galleries. On , artistic directors must hire talented artists who are willing to work with them to produce a work of art. Creative partnership begins when both partners are willing to reach out to their artists and offer constructive suggestions. They also need to develop a system to promote the artists within the organization. This system can be as simple as sending newsletters, booking shows, or using social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.When forming a partnership, both parties need to agree on the vision and direction of the business, the artists, and the creative shop. If any of these parties are resistant or hesitant to put together a partnership, it is important to carefully examine their reasons for hesitance and begin working together once they are open minded and willing to take advantage of the other party's strengths and skills. Working together to form a creative partnership will help any business thrive.

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