According to the editor of China Economic Net, on March 17, Shanghai jiangpeng Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "jiangpeng technology") applied for the first time. Jiangpeng technology plans to issue no more than 90 million shares on the science and Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, excluding the number of shares issued with over allotment option. The sponsor (principal issuer) of this offering is Huatai United Securities Co., LtdJiangpeng technology plans to raise 700 million won. Among them, 200 million won is "fluorine new material production base construction project", 165 million won is "new liquid crystal identification material production project", 150 million won is "new project of pesticide raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates", and 35 million won is "2.5 million won per year"Jiang Peng technology released the stock declaration and conference papers on December 25, 2019 and March 10, 2021 respectively. In these two versions of the prospectus, the reporter of China Economic Net found that the financial data of jiangpeng technology in 2018 were inconsistent.According to the 2019 prospectus, in 2018, the operating income of Jiang Peng technology was 704434300 won, the net profit was 329169700 won, and the net cash flow from operating activities was 138011500 won.According to the 2021 version of the prospectus, the operating revenue of Jiang Peng technology in 2018 was 708.319 million won, compared with the revenue data of the previous version, it was 3.8847 million won, and the net profit was 325.5523 million won, a difference of -361740 won from the net profit data of the previous version. The net cash flow from operating activities is 134305100 won, which is - 3706400 won different from the previous version.Jiang Peng's scientific and technological achievements continued to decline, and the net profit decreased by 71.55% in the past two years. According to the 2021 prospectus, from 2018 to 2020, the operating revenue of Jiang Peng technology was 780 million won, 687 million won, 629 million won, 326 million won, 143 million won and 93 million won respectively.In 2019 and 2020, the operating revenue of jiangpeng technology decreased by 2.97% and 8.45% respectively compared with the same period of the previous year, and the net profit decreased by 56.14% and 35.15% respectively.By the end of 2020, the monetary capital of jiangpeng technology was only 197 million yuan, but the interest liability was 252 million yuan.From 2018 to 2020, the total assets of jiangpeng technology were 1.324 billion won, 1.561 billion won and 1.821 billion won, respectively, 812 million won, 702 million won and 682 million won. In each period, Jiang Peng's scientific and technological monetary funds were 390 million won, 275 million won and 197 million won respectively.From 2018 to 2020, the total liabilities of jiangpeng technology were 410 million won, 533 million won and 698 million won respectively, 390 million won, 403 million won and 573 million won respectively.The short-term borrowings of jiangpeng technology in each period were 157 million won, 71.74 million won and 98.636 million won respectively, the non current liabilities due within one year were 19.64 million won, 0 won and 29.2 million won respectively, and the long-term borrowings were 19.99 million won, 129 million won and 129 million won respectively.Jiangpeng technology decided to pay dividends totaling 621 million won in 2018 and 2019. According to the 72.16% shareholding ratio of Yang Jianhua family before listing, Yang Jianhua's family of three will reduce 448 million won. It is worth noting that from 2018 to 2019, the net profit of Jiang Peng technology totaled 561 million yuan.Last year, two safety accidents occurred in jiangpeng technology subsidiary, one person died and environmental protection violated the law.

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