For many people who have allergies or just want to be eco-friendly, cordless hand held vacuums represent the perfect solution. Not only do cordless hand held vacuums save your back from having to lug around a heavy, monster vacuum machine, but cordless hand held vacuums are also super easy to use. Spilled some cookie crumbs? No Problem. Need a hard to reach trash can? No Problem.All these power tools were designed to make cleaning small, simple spills a fast, easy and hassle-free endeavor. And best of all, cordless vacuums help keep your home cleaner than ever before. Why is this? Well, cordless vacuums allow you to spend less time removing and piling up debris. With a few simple adjustments, you can change the way you look at clutter.There are basically two types of handheld vacuums - corded and cordless. Cordless vacuums utilize a small amount of battery power which means that you don't have to waste energy when using them. Plus, cordless models are very easy to operate. Just turn on the power and start picking up dirt. Depending on the model you purchase, some cordless models allow you to change the nozzle so you can get into hard-to-reach spots.On the other hand, corded handheld vacuums take a bit of work in getting the hang of it. However, it is well worth the effort as they enable you to clear the messes with little difficulty. What's great about corded units is that you don't have to waste extra energy in cleaning messes since you can simply remove the filter in the bottom of the vacuum and dispose of the collected dirt in the same manner you would a bag of dry garbage. You may also find cordless units are quite noisy compared to other types. In fact, some models are just as loud as a small toy engine.Although cordless units have many advantages, they also come with a couple of cons. First, they tend to be less powerful than their corded counterparts. You won't have to worry much about power drain when using a cordless cleaner. But if you need more power, handheld vacuums often use batteries. This means you need to be ready to recharge the battery every time you use the cleaner.Another con of cordless hand vacuums is that they tend to be quite expensive. They tend to use batteries and they also take up more space. Even though you may be able to find discount deals at your local store or online, you might not be able to find a good price on a good quality model. You also need to consider whether you need to use a handheld vacuum with a cord or whether you can get away with a bare hands cleaner.If you don't have pets but still want something that will get the job done, cordless handheld vacuums should be your next choice. There are many different models available on the market today. Just make sure you research what you're looking for in order to get it at a price you can afford. Stick with brands you know and trust like Hoover because they are well-known for making quality cleaners. They aren't the cheapest brand on the market but they certainly have quality built in to their cleaning products.<img width="463" src="">The most popular type of handheld vacuums today are those that come with an attached brush attachment. These can get your job done much faster than just using the regular cleaner without the brush attachment. If you want something that can get into smaller areas, you can buy a cordless Dirt Devil or Hoover generic cleaner. Both of these companies have brush attachment so you can clean those hard-to-reach areas in the house or in the yard.

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