Did I want to live with that?
“There’s nothing wrong with a woman’s nude
body. It’s beautiful. He’ll live.”

Would I be able to trust that?
I have no doubt he’ll live. And Sara’s right — a woman’s body is beautiful. Well, some are, just
like some men’s bodies are.

And then I had to admit to myself, no, I didn’t and I couldn’t.
But your mother’s body? No one wants to see that nude.

A lot of marriages break up after an affair, but not all of them. Some couples are able, like a phoenix, to rise up out of the flames and transform into something stronger and better.
Unless, of course, you’re still young enough to be bathing with her.

It’s easy to make a blanket statement — “If he ever cheated on me, I’d kick his sorry ass out” — but we never really know what we’re going to do until we’re in the moment. Sometimes, what we thought would destroy us makes us a better person and a better partner. Sometimes, we find a compassion and forgiveness we didn’t know we had. And other times, our liberal, loving and accepting ways are put to the test (and we have to accept, yeah, I’m not quite as liberal, loving and accepting as I thought I was!)
So, what about your parent’s love interest? Not too long ago there was a blogosphere ruckus over Hilary Swank’s confession that she’s been au naturel in front of her boyfriend’s 6-year-old son. (Britney Spears did that, too, but they were her own kids, and let’s not forget Tori Spelling has naked pictures of herself in her kids’ bathroom; actually, let’s forget that) Swank’s not a nudist, but she sleeps naked (as do I), and so she’s been in the buff when he’s popped into his dad’s bedroom in the morning.

Could I stay with someone who abused me? Absolutely not! Could I stay with an alcoholic? If he got sober and stayed sober. Could I stay with someone who cheated on me? Maybe, depending …
“He doesn’t look twice. He doesn’t think about it yet,” she said.

I couldn’t with Rob, but maybe I could with someone else. But, crap — I sure hope I never have to decide.
Maybe, maybe not. I distinctly remember that was just around the age Trent got really interested in playing doctor …

Where do you draw the line in a relationship?
Have you ever drawn a line and crossed it anyway?
And, have you ever regretted dumping someone who messed up but was fundamentally a “good” guy or gal?
But switch the sex around — if Swank’s kids (if she has any) saw her boyfriend naked, big deal or not? I think the ruckus would be even bigger. Poor guys; they’re always a fine line away from being pervs.

Honestly, I’m not sure it’s OK to have a girlfriend or boyfriend sleep over when there are young kids around. And maybe it’s fine to be naked in front of your own kids — up to a certain age and depending on gender. A lot of how kids feel about their body comes from how their parents feel about their own, although I don’t think seeing your parents nude will scar you for life. But to be nude in front of a boyfriend’s kids?

Although, really, I think The Kid would be quite happy to see Hilary Swank nude.

Nudity in front of kids, yours or your boy/girlfriend’s — OK or not?

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