Throughout all these years we have seen the struggle of women to be part of the world, of many different situations and not only of those who of which they have been educated all their lives, that women should only be destined to take care of children and to ensure that in the home all things are in perfect order, as women have found spaces in the world, they have not been afraid to master and even improve it. http://waspmirror49.xtgem.com/__xt_blog/__xtblog_entry/__xtblog_entry/23604293-influential-women-of-the-21st-century?__xtblog_block_id=1#xt_blog can take as an example Nicole Junkermann, who has managed to find a way to improve business using new technologies, these knowledge, she has decided to share with the world and thus exceed business expectations or like Mary Barra, who has shown that being a woman, is not limiting to become the head of a large company like General Motors, among other influential women we have:- Helene Von Roeder- Marianne Janik- Dorothea von Boxberg- Katharina Gehra- Jeannette zu Fürstenberg- Ana Patricia Botin- Nicole Junkermann- Mary Barra- Randi Zuckerber- Tijen Onaran- Belén Garijo- Sheryl Sandberg- Karen LynchAll this has shown us, that women have managed to dominate different fields, that people at some point did not believe them capable of dominating, creativity, intuition and the ability to see sensitively the needs of people, is what has made it possible for women to step forward and manage to dominate and improve each of the objectives of the companies or business that they can undertake, thus leaving a mark on the world and a role model for those generations that begin their lives, women have definitely proven to be beings capable of carrying out any task or role they decide to develop.

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