The UNYO-UNYO 3G info is below.
*UNYO-UNYO 3G [#a576c591]
**Basic operations [#j8daaada]
***''Step 1'': Start - Select a program [#lf57db2c]

''Using UNYO-UNYO alone''
+Start up UNYO-UNYO.(see [[UNYO-UNYO]])
+Choose '''"File > Open File"''' in the top menu bar.
+Select LMNtal execution options.
+Select a program which you want to open.

''Using UNYO-UNYO from LMNtalEditor''
+Start up LMNtalEditor.(see [[LMNtalEditor]])
+Choose '''"File > Open File"''' in the top menu bar or Write a program using the editor in the upper-left pane of the screen.
+Select LMNtal execution options from the option tab, if you need.
+Click the '''"UNYO(3G)"''' button in the bottom left of the screen, and UNYO-UNYO will start up.

***''Step 2'': Show the graph of the program [#z6afe9c1]
+After ''Step 1'', the initial state of the graph is displayed.
+Click the '''"Go Ahead"''' button at the bottom of the center panel, then a program will proceed.
--In the text box at the left, you can specify the number of rule applicable times.(default number is 1)
--If you select the '''"Until Stop"''' checkbox, the program proceed until it terminate, or you click the "Stop" button, or it break at the breakpoint.

**Major function [#jb6fc82e]
***1: Menu Bar [#z9cd180e]
:''Open File(Ctrl+O):''| open a program file.
:''Save Graph Image(Ctrl+I):''|

''Edit:'' now being developed...

''Zoom(Scroll wheel, Ctrl++(;), Ctrl+-):'' change the scale of the graph.

:''Show Map(Ctrl+M):''|show the whole graph.
:''Monochrome Display:''|
:''Show Full Name:''|show full name of atoms or membranes.
:''Show Initials:''|show initials of atoms or membranes.
:''Hide Name:''|hide name of atoms or membranes.
:''Show Reaction Point:''|show reaction points of the graph.
:''Show Link Number:''|
:''Info Font Size:''|

***2: Graph Controller [#naa78501]
:''Until Stop:''|make the program proceed until it terminate, or is suspended by '''"Stop"''' button, or break at a breakpoint.
:''Go Ahead:''|perform one-step reduction by default. For multi-step reductions, change the number in the text box to the left.
:''Stop:''|suspend the running program.
:''Hide All:''|hide the contents of all cells.
:''Show All:''|show the contents of all cells.
:''Always Heating Up:''|always calculate the graph layout.
:''Heating Up:''|activate the stable state nodes temporarily, and restart calculating those layout.
:''Cool Down:''|inactivate nodes, and terminate calculating layout.
:''Auto Centering:''|move the whole graph in the center of the Graph Panel.

***3: Tab Panel [#p6fe0100]
:''Log:''|show the system log.
:''Process:''|show the text representation of the graph and the applied rule. 
:''Rule:''|show the rules in the membrane you click.
:''Option:''|change the graph layout algorithm.
:''Shape:''|change the shapes of atoms.
:''Breakpoint:''|set breakpoints.
:''Search:''|search nodes in the Graph Panel.

***4: Graph Panel [#q1f93242]
:''Drag:''|move the selected nodes.
:''Click:''|select a node, if it is at the point.~
:''Ctrl+Click:''|select/unselect the nodes.(If you click more than one node, all of them selected/unselected)~
:''Ctrl+A:''|select all of the nodes.~
:''Shift+Drag:''|select/unselect the nodes in the framed rectangle by dragging.~
:''Space+Drag:''|move the graph.~
:''Double-Click:''|hide/show the contents of the double-clicked cell.
::''Hold:''|pin down the selected nodes.(Pinned-down entities can be moved manually but will not move automatically)~
::''Release:''|release the pinned-down nodes.~
::''Ravel Out:''|exert repulsive force from the center of the connected component which contains selected nodes.~

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