19 hemorrhoids! These six kinds of people are most likely to get hemorrhoids! Do you understand?#Hemorrhoids ## pregnant women#Everyone heard that "the chrysanthemum is broken, the ground is injured, and your smile turns yellow".There is also a folk saying: ten people have nine hemorrhoids.In other words, in the adult world, 90% of people have hemorrhoids.Of course, there are not many actual data. The 2015 survey of the Chinese anorectal society showed that the incidence rate of hemorrhoids in China over 18 years old is 49.14%.This is an amazing figure, close to 50%. One in two adults has hemorrhoids!hemorrhoidsHemorrhoids: severe bleeding can lead to hemorrhagic anemia, severe syncope and shock.Humiliation: in case of thrombosis or inflammatory edema, pain should be the main cause and receive treatment in time. Otherwise, it will worsen the situation and cause tissue necrosis.Mixed hemorrhoids: it is very dangerous not to operate in time, which will cause infection, necrosis and even systemic infection.What symptom should hemorrhoids guard against?Stool with blood: after defecation, drop blood on blood or paper, and the toilet will turn red. (Shakespeare, Hamlet, defecate, defecate, defecate, defecate, defecate)Flatulence: pain or flatulence in the anus during defecation, including knife pain, needle tube and stuffy pain.Hemorrhoids mass falling off: there is a mass after defecation. Sometimes you can go back by yourself. Sometimes you need to wash it with hot water or push it by hand.The defecation time was prolonged, but the defecation volume was less. There is a feeling of unclean defecation. Sometimes underwear and anus are wet, itchy and secretions will be polluted.People prone to hemorrhoidsThe incidence rate of hemorrhoids is very high in people who work for long time, such as white-collar workers, teachers and drivers.In addition, due to chronic constipation, cough, prostatic hypertrophy, pregnancy, long-term heavy physical labor and other factors, intra-abdominal pressure increases for a long time and is prone to hemorrhoids.Four line poem on preventing hemorrhoidsIt takes only ten minutes to go to the bathroom. You can't squat for a long time.Eat more vegetables and fruits. Intestinal peristalsis should be vigorous.If you can't, take a bath, see a doctor and take medicine first.

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