Hello! Hey! Today, I'd like to tell you about the tale of the most tragic loss and the most incredible find. My life was ruined just days ago when my beloved and disliked Samsung Galaxy S9 phone died. I'm not sure the exact cause, but I knew that I did not have it anymore. It was a catastrophe.It's not the whole story, but that's half the problem. My phone could be locked only by fingerprint. All of my information should not be put in danger, and bank accounts must be safe. It's not about the security or negatives in the loss of your mobile. This isn't even about the goal of being without a phone for more than a few minutes. hehe.. I made it through..Google and Facebook are coming to our rescueIt's likely that you have realized that my first reaction was to restore all of my "life's" information. I looked for the data first. Google and android provide seamless backup of all your photos, videos, as well as other files. https://www.clipconverter.cx This was my salvation for many hours while I transferred all the images and videos that i have stored back over time. PRAISE GOOGLE LOL.. LOL. =<img width="412" src="https://image.dhgate.com/0x0s/f2-albu-g5-M01-87-97-rBVaI1mb4RKAHEZfAADfOXMHBpQ723.jpg/200pcs-brass-screw-clip-earring-converter.jpg">When I looked through my old and new photos, I discovered that they were missing. All of the live video streams I had ever done via Facebook were missing. I needed them... I can't fall asleep until i get all of my videos back.After a lot of searching for the right answer, I finally found it. I discovered the Facebook video download tool which was most helpful to me.Youtube Video Downloader is also compatible with Facebook Thank you! We're thankful!I found this application to download Facebook photos simple and well-designed. It is possible to do this by following these instructions:1. Log into Facebook and download the video that you are interested in.2. Right-click on it or tap and hold until a menu opens to show the VIDEO URL. It is then possible to select it and copy it using CTRL+C.3. Go to the Facebook video downloader website, click in the box, copy the URL of the video using right click + paste or hold the button and copy in the menu.4. Click GO, and then hold for a few seconds5. On the next screen, click the huge red Download HD Video buttonThis is it!It's that easy, even your grandmother is able to do it! Take a look at this image of what it appears after you have submitted the URL to the video.I was able to have all of my Facebook videos restored in only a few hours after finding this site (yes, it is a video addict with about 60 videos)ConclusionIt?'s simple and easy to download videos from Facebook. Try it for yourself! Also, you should check Keepvid if you're interested in restoring your youtube library. Keepvid also supports youtube-to-mp3 conversion... Do not worry, it is legal and secure to download your videos. It's okay to download your office party videos and save them to your phone. =This article hopes to assist.

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