The Investment Adviser Partnership or Team Dispute Resolution is a legal agreement between an investment adviser and his client that details the fee, payment structure and other important terms of their services. how the adviser will be paid for his work. There are various conflicts of interest that can arise between an investment adviser and his clients and therefore the need for a RIA compliance consultant in the case of an investment adviser partnership or team dispute resolution. In order to ensure that conflicts of interests do not develop, it is necessary to maintain appropriate records for all transactions made by the advisers.The record keeping may vary from one conflict to another but basically the same rules apply. For conflicts of interest, a RIA compliant consultant must conduct an investigation before advising his/her client on an investment deal. He/she then checks the facts and reports on the conflicts of interest. These reports are then provided to the client along with documents relating to the conflict of interest. This information is used by the client for decision making purposes.For conflicts of interest between an adviser and his/her client, there is a requirement that the adviser provides the necessary documentation and information to the client relating to the conflicts of interest. The adviser may, at any time provide the client with a summary of the conflicts of interest and a summary of their report. Alternatively, the adviser must undertake an investigation of the matter for his own professional judgment.If the work of the dispute advisor and his/her team is found to be in conflict of interest, then it may be wise to seek independent professional advice from a RIA compliance consultant. Such a consultant will conduct his/her own investigation into the matter and advise the client accordingly. The purpose of this is to ensure that both parties proceed in a professional and moral manner, which ensures both the investment advisor and the client get value for their time and money. If an investigation finds the work of one of the team members to be in conflict of interest, then the advisor must make sure that the conflict does not affect the work carried out by him. If an RIA consultant observes that an advisor is not adhering to the principles of RIA, he/she should make that advisor aware of the conflict of interest and make arrangements for the conflict to be remedied.Dispute resolutions between an investment adviser and his/her team are usually carried out in an attempt to amicably settle any differences that may arise during the course of work. This process can sometimes be difficult, as both sides have strong points, and it can be difficult to find a solution that both sides can live with. If the RIA consultant observes that one of the team members is undermining the work of the investment adviser, the advisor should take steps to address the issue. If the work of the investment adviser and his/her team is found to be in conflict of interest, then it may be time to look into the services of a third party to sort out the problem.A third party can act as mediator in a conflict between an RIA consultant and his/her team. This third party can help to bring both sides back to an agreement, based on the standards that are of service expected of each member of the RIA investment advisory team. When an RIA advisor and his/her team come to an agreement to resolve a conflict, then they must report this situation to the Association for Professional Investment Advisors. Reporting these conflicts to the APIA ensures that the proper guidelines are followed by all professional RIA consultants.

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