Online reputation management services help you to increase your brand value online and push down the negative results in Google so your potential buyers don’t see those harmful results when they are looking for your services online. Proactive management emphasizes maintaining brand value and keeps enhancing it. Here are a few things to remember when implementing Online Brand Reputation Management. Contact RankON Technologies- An ORM Company in India to discuss your online reputation management strategy to get a better online reputation. It can prove to be very lethal in terms of the company's reputation if not checked well in time. Similarly, it takes time to get it back. It is not a very clean way, but in the upcoming versions, I expect that there will be a proper and safe way to get and set the variable name of each Set and Member, and using strings like this will no longer be required. The NonEmpty? function takes two parameters, but for our query, it is safe to pass null for the second parameter.Meaning in this version, the NonEmpty? function with two arguments has not been mapped properly (this is a beta version anyway). Null values are returned as string which, on assigning to double property in the class the result is being mapped to, throws type conversion errors. The Sales Amount in the given query contains both numeric values and null values. For class, the properties should be declared as the expected types, for example double for double values, string for names or text etc. In my experience though, I have found that the best way to avoid type conversion errors is to use properties of object type and then use conversions to properly convert values to individual types. Currently, the way around this is to use the variable name of the set (name of the variable with underscore appended in the beginning) as a string, since set can be initialized with a string. Another thing to remember is that if a Member or Set does not appear in the final select in LINQ, it does not get included in the generated MDX, so if variable name is being used as a string, it MUST be included in the select clause in LINQ query.Again I will refer to the required MDX, and then translate it to LINQ query. Next step is to create a basic MDX Query that returns Sales Amount aggregated on Order Date.Fiscal Year dimension. Refer to the description of the MDX NonEmpty? function to see when second parameter is needed. Next, let’s see how to retrieve Rank from the query, and with this, see how Members can be created. If multiple members/sets are being used like this, the resultant MDX code can be very complex, and hard to understand. For this, you need to ensure that positive information and commentary about your business and trades ranks higher than anything negative. With almost every business having an online presence, the internet is where people turn to do research and gather more information about a business. can be useful, as demonstrated later. For using multiple conditions in the where clause, multiple where clauses can be chained. The files include Documentation.txt, which contains detailed documentation related to using Percolator Analysis Services. Percolator Analysis Services do not run sub-cube query as a separate MDX query, rather the primary query along with the sub cube queries are translated into single MDX query.

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