World of Warcraft isn’t all about competition, but it looks like Blizzard decides to sing to another tune because they recently just announced The Great Push, the first-ever World of Warcraft tournament that revolves around the idea of competitive dungeons. This is surprising coming from an MMORPG that prioritizes ways of farming currency and getting WoW mounts for sale.

The best part about The Great Push is that players don’t need to buy WoW Gold to participate in it–it’s free for everyone. This is thanks to the registration being open to all WoW players regardless of what server they’re in. The fresh take on how to reinvent the competitive World of Warcraft has certainly caught the attention of many players and this is all thanks to the company deciding that instead of competing with other people, players will be competing with the game itself and pushing its very limits to the core.

Read more here: World of Warcraft- The Unveiling of the Great Push

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