1. The first thing I found out was that Microsoft finally realized the operation of the mouse wheel without first clicking to switch the focus. It's really that innumerable grass mud horses in my heart are moving away! (the problem is raised from win7, so we don't have to worry too much, so win8 or win10 solved it, because the fact is that Win95 supports the scroll wheel, and 98, me, XP, vista, win7, so many of the most advanced systems in history, have not been solved) 2. Then we found that when the left directory of "my computer" clicks the small triangle to expand, the list no longer jumps blindly, you can see Do you know how painful it is to jump around?! Recall before occasionally had to use windows that torture, deeply relieved ah! 3. Also, pop up u disk what, finally don't have to wait so long, second bomb! 4. In addition, the focus of my original win7 window occasionally fails to switch. After clicking one of the following windows, although the input focus switches, the occlusion does not change (I don't know if it's a special case of my environment) these are the most obvious pain points of user experience. I'm very curious and hard to understand that tens of billions of investment has been made for so many years, Why does Microsoft solve the small problems that the Mac OS X and Linux open source communities solved more than ten years ago? I don't mean to hack Microsoft. I think it's great that Microsoft has solved the problem. I just want to seriously discuss the root cause of the problem. If there are insiders who have something to say, it's the bestWelcome! [note] what I want to emphasize is that the title does not completely negate windows. First of all, I am sure that they are all facts. Second, these questions directly affect my daily use of basic functions. Third, they do exist in several generations of windows, so I have doubts. [note] everyone's buildings are a little bit crooked. I hope it's better for insiders to have a thorough understanding of [the reasons for win10 improvement] and [the reasons why it didn't improve before]. For example, it's true that Ballmer doesn't understand the product. All day's nonsense is also an explanation. If so, what plot and black and white are we talking about here? Let's buy Microsoft stock quickly Go! Because win is leading a family you don't know that as a developer, you have to learn new API every year. It's because you didn't use the new technology Microsoft gave you to Amway. When you're still marveling at how good the MAC touchpad is, you don't know that the Windows 8. X touch experience is really good. When you talk about the 512M USB flash disk you bought a few years ago, you don't know that Microsoft has let users use windows to go. At the same time, careful people will find that the so-called pop-up USB flash disk operation is unnecessary. When you admire the MAC multi desktop loser, have you ever looked for windows multi desktop software? In fact, similar mature software was born in the XP era (some people say that Windows 98 has multiple desktop APIs, but Microsoft didn't do them))。 When you hate the monopoly of windows pre installed Internet Explorer and windows media player, you praise the out of the box use of MAC. The reason why you think Microsoft has been "smart" recently is that you haven't noticed some of Microsoft's twigs and twigs. In fact, in the vista era, Microsoft is emphasizing high-speed disks and taking care of users of low-end devices rather than SSD, HDD and retina, 1440. It's not that Microsoft has become high-end, but that your tempo has finally got on with Microsoft. As for user experience (scroll wheel or something), in fact, each operating system has its own advantages and disadvantages. I really want to tell OS X that I don't have so many cameras and cameras, and don't get 4K hidden files everywhere. To tell you the truth, windows = = , I don't think the so-called fatal advantage of windows = , which seems to me to be more similar to "windows = " for a long time Vista features come out separately, put them on the new operating system and sell them. Maybe windows has some strange settings, but OS X also has many strange settings. For example, when the default input method is switched between Chinese and English, uppercase locking is used, and the right-click copy is used to make a copyAnd it's still like this. It's like a beautiful woman once said that when she was old, she would only say that when I was young. It's better to be abandoned or hard to return. Many of the features in windows are not abandoned and boast about how they used to be. Just like Cortana's search, in fact, windows 8. X search is already very easy to use, and Microsoft has also painstakingly created a search FN. However, 8. X era search is not very convenient except for the shortcut key, so many people say that spotlight is like an artifact, because the command + space method is more intuitive than FN. Even if you don't know the shortcut key, the upper right corner of the way is also very easy. As you can see, the search of windows 10 is put on the taskbar, which is more convenient to use. So when you don't know what the result will be, you'd better Click to pop it up and wait for the message to come out. Windows has a slow write setting. Last time I accidentally opened it, according to its description, it can be pulled out directly by default (if you have finished closing the file). Ie is not pre installed, but can't be uninstalled Internet Explorer is uninstalled, which may cause some program problems. Microsoft allows you to disable Internet Explorer in windows on / off. I don't think windows touch experience is better than IOS! namelyiOS)! And then the system installed in the U disk is really perfect? The change of hardware, the chance of blue screen at that time let me directly drop the U disk. The experience of multi desktop and win was too poor. But you and I are talking about those 4K files? Win is also everywhere, and then you really dig it? I'm not fruit powder or soft powder! But I want to say! for me! Remember! It's for me! Win7 is the last excellent system of Microsoft! After that, it's just a toy! Win8, for example, makes those big plates look bad. Those are not necessary functions! He didn't improve the efficiency of his work! On the contrary, it is lower! Win10's Xiaona is more entertainment oriented! Does it work? In addition, does the system have the setting to shut down Xiaona completely? For me, IOS is all that's left for entertainment on non iPhone devices. But I think windows tablet is very powerful. I think I can open vs to write a C #, or use ruby to write a piece of fuck Java. However, python on IOS crashes too frequently. Although Lua can write games, I'm not familiar with it, so I don't think IOS has much advantage in terms of productivity. At the same time, entertainment, since I can play lol on Windows tablet, why should I play halo on iPad? What's more, halo is also available on windows. Windows 10 touch some changes, the most intuitive is when you use your fingers to long press the right-click menuThe size of the right-click menu becomes larger and easier to click. I don't give much comment on the issue of multi desktop, because I don't use multi desktop in OS X, so I can open a desktop and put a virtual machine. On the contrary, I think windows app is better for screen sharing (I only know about windows multi desktop functions 4K files are really annoying. For example, if you copy a bootstrap template and don't clean 4K files, sometimes there will be 1K files or 4K hidden files (I don't know what this is for, but it's something of spotlight by visual inspection). On the contrary, windo Even if there are so-called ini and DB in WS, there won't be too many. I think it's strange that two can appear in one folder. In addition, Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1/10 has little change in efficiency in the case of existing programs, because the desktop is always in front of you. 8.1 also allows you to directly enter the desktop and open programs. In fact, it's faster to search with windows (just like Spotlight). To be honest, I don't like the start menu of windows 10 now. It's not as intuitive and fast as Windows 8. X. There is also the most important question. I want to emphasize that the question does not completely negate windows. First of all, I am sure that they are all facts. Second, these questions directly affect my daily use of basic functions. Third, they do exist in several generations of winWindows is in. So questions are raised. It seems that this is the answer with the most votes at present, but it has not answered my doubts. These four problems are not fatal. On the contrary, OS X's 4K small files often cause "fatal errors" in some playback devices, which have not been mentioned. I mainly mean that the system has its own characteristics. The points you feel uncomfortable may not touch everyone's points. In addition, drivers and third-party software adaptation will also cause different user experience. What you spend money on is not only the cost of hardware, but also the cost of software. For example, if you use Microsoft mouse on windows, you can install Microsoft's keyboard and mouse center, and customize some settings to make it easier to use. What's the difference between touch panel and touch screen? Touch screen, you compare with iPad! If you say I bullied the iPad. In fact, OS X still has many advantages. For example, when I redeem my recharge card, I just need to scan the camera... It doesn't feel better. I think Microsoft does not pay much attention to the details of user experience sometimes. But in terms of productivity, windows is still the most powerful. For Linux desktop and OS X, those points you mentioned have been solved very early, but there are still more problems in other aspects, especially Linux Desktop... However, Linux has abused me thousands of times, and I still treat Linux as my first loveThere are some new features. Before upgrading win10, I used win8.1. I really didn't have this function. I used alwaysmousewheel to provide this function. After upgrading win10, I deleted this software. So I don't agree with Fu Xiyan on this one. It may be because I didn't understand what is wheel penetration, so I misunderstood it. 2. Don't understand "skipping", which means that after clicking on the drop-down triangle, the name of the folder originally at the cursor moves to another place? If so, win10 will. 3. The USB pop-up doesn't feel any different, sometimes it can't find which process is occupying the USB. 4. It means that on win10, you also encounter clicking the window behind, and the focus is switched, but the window behind is still blocked. But I don't know how to reproduce But in general, I think win10 ease of use has improved a lot, and these improvements have been developed since win8.1. In addition, I don't think the four points mentioned by the subject are fatal. again make complaints about what fucking great is, obviously, the most obvious user experience pain point. I am very curious and difficult to understand that, after billions of years of investment, so much Microsoft has been so busy. Why has it solved the little questions that Mac OS X and Linux open source community solved more than ten years ago?What about the question? The folder merging function I want has been available in windows for a long time, and OS X has not been added? There are also skip wastebasket delete also not ah! There are also many black spots in Linux. For example, Kubuntu, I didn't find the option to change the DPI multiple in the system settings, which is a disaster for high-resolution screens. Don't be black for the sake of black In fact, I like win / OS X / Linux system, which is more controversial among fans. I don't think one is better than the other. In fact, the most likely reason is that they didn't know that before Yes, they just didn't know that there was this bug in fact, they didn't know that before http://www.drugoffice.gov.hk/gb/unigb/anotepad.com/notes/hq4whjqf http://www.astro.wisc.edu/?URL=www.spotoclub.com/ https://setiweb.ssl.berkeley.edu/beta/team_display.php?teamid=1874146 https://splice.com/melodyera3 http://sc.sie.gov.hk/TuniS/vasohi6095.carrd.co/

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