According to the report of China Securities Journal, where is the crux of the financing difficulty of private enterprises? What is the effect of the early policies and whether there is a problem? How to build a sustainable business model to support the long-term development of private enterprises? With these problems, the reporter of China Securities Journal exclusively followed the second steering group of the financial stability and Development Commission of the State Council to Fujian Province. In four days and three nights, the second steering group went to Xiamen, Putian, Quanzhou, Fuzhou and other cities, went deep into the front line, went into the workshop of the enterprise, inquired about the production efficiency, operating costs, financing support, tax rebate efficiency, social security collection, financial and tax subsidies and other information, and had in-depth dialogue with private entrepreneurs and local banks to explore The experience of financial services and policy should be popularized, and the difficulties and pain points in the development of private economy should be observed. Zhu Shumin, leader of the steering group, stressed that all relevant departments will work together to solve the problems arising from economic development. For the financing difficulties caused by the lack of bank operation level, we will seriously study and improve, and urge the bank to improve the level of risk control and service quality. According to the data of Fujian Finance Bureau, as of the end of September, the loan balance of small and micro enterprises (including personal business loans) in Fujian Province was 1326.585 billion yuan, up 9.8% year on year, an increase of 85.973 billion yuan over the beginning of the year; the loan balance of private enterprises was 919.466 billion yuan, up 3.48% year on year, an increase of 41.275 billion yuan over the beginning of the year. At the end of the yearIn this regard, according to the data of the preparatory group of Fujian banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, the interest rate of new loans for inclusive small and micro enterprises in the whole province (including Xiamen) in the third quarter decreased by 0.42% compared with that in the first quarter; the branches of large and medium-sized banks completed 300.72% of the annual credit plan. Policy level: support private enterprises to achieve the above achievements by taking multiple measures is inseparable from the active guidance of policy level. For example, Yang Changyan, vice president of Fuzhou central sub branch of the people's Bank of China, said that Fujian Province is actively promoting the establishment of this tool. At the same time, the people's Bank of China has increased the loan weight of small and micro enterprises in the assessment of macro Prudential Management (MPA) of banks, lowered the lending rate of small and micro enterprises by 0.5 percentage points, carried out quarterly evaluation on the effect of credit policy supporting refinancing, and incorporated the relevant evaluation results into the index system of refinancing limit adjustment. Xue Hefeng, director of Fujian Provincial Financial Supervision Bureau, introduced that Fujian Financial Bureau has established a monthly scheduling notification mechanism for major financial indicators to guide banking institutions to implement the "five no" requirements of the provincial government (not reducing the scale of credit, not cutting corners, not raising the loan renewal threshold, not drawing loans at will, not pressing loans at will). In addition, a total of 7.832 billion yuan of enterprise emergency working capital has been set up in all parts of the province. Since its establishment in 2014, it has accumulated 13000 enterprises' "bridge" refinancing of 246.137 billion yuan, effectively reducing the cost of enterprise refinancing. Financial and tax support is also indispensable for the financing, transformation and upgrading of private enterprises. Xintai (Fujian) branchXu Jisheng, a famous supplier in the textile industry, said, "we are a company in charge of R & D of innovative footwear materials. Technological upgrading and transformation of high energy consuming equipment will require large investment, and the government will give more subsidies in this regard. " It is worth mentioning that a technological transformation project of the enterprise won a reward fund from the Ministry of industry and information technology last year, which will bring great help to the company's technological upgrading. Banks within their jurisdiction: innovating products and services banks should start from increasing resource tilt, reducing interest rates, innovating products and services, etc., to expand the scope of increment and reduce costs. For example, in view of the shortage of collateral for small and micro enterprises, Quanzhou branch of postal savings bank has continuously expanded the scope of collateral, launched fishing boat mortgage, fishing boat net batch mortgage, small horsepower fishing boat mortgage, small hydropower mortgage, forest right mortgage, "two rights" mortgage products, and agricultural loan, and continuously improved the availability and coverage of agricultural subject loans. In addition, a number of banks continue to promote non repayment loan. For example, the Bank of Quanzhou launched the "no break loan", and by the end of September, it had saved more than 200 million yuan in financing costs for new borrowers. Focus on difficulties: where are the difficulties in financing private enterprises? There are still obstacles in the credit expansion of private enterprises. In the survey, a number of private entrepreneurs and relevant responsible persons of banks have launched a number of dialogues on the difficulties they are facing. Financing is slow the responsible persons of many enterprises reflect that the bank lending speed is slow, which has an impact on the enterprise capital chain. The reason is that in order to control the risk, some banks will pay more than a certain amount of loansThe approval right of loans shall be transferred to provincial branches. However, the first level branch does not know enough about the local enterprises. Once there are objections in the approval process, the review process is cumbersome and the time limit is prolonged. Mortgage difficulty in terms of mortgage guarantee, many banks take real estate, fixed assets and other collateral as important approval factors for small and micro enterprise loans for the purpose of risk control. For some light asset enterprises with high cash flow requirements and lack of qualified collateral, it becomes very difficult to obtain loans from banks for business turnover and scale expansion. It is particularly important to increase the credit of private enterprises through the government financing guarantee system, but the government financing guarantee function is not fully played at present. Qi Xinzheng, leader of the preparatory group of Fujian banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, suggests that government departments at all levels further improve the performance appraisal mechanism of government guarantee institutions, determine a reasonable compensation rate or compensation limit, and the appraisal should focus on social benefits such as guarantee magnification, risk management level, supporting the proportion of small and micro enterprises, and promoting employment, supplemented by the maintenance and appreciation of state-owned assets, so as to promote the development of various institutions It is necessary to operate effectively. Some banks admit that the non-performing rate of small and micro businesses has increased. "At the end of the third quarter, the non-performing rate of small and micro loans increased slightly by 0.12 percentage points compared with that at the beginning of the year, but it was still controlled within a reasonable range. Our bank mainly invests in the manufacturing industry in Quanzhou, with a high proportion of loans from private enterprises, small and micro enterprises. In recent two years, private enterprises have been taking risks. It will take time for banks to digest and solve non-performing loans on their own profits. " Quanzhou bank relevant person in charge said. Information asymmetry the relevant person in charge of Quanzhou Construction Bank said, "the bank lacks sufficient technical means to understand the real financial information of enterprises, and a considerable part of the information provided by many enterprises is difficult to verify, or is not perfect, or even has the situation of distortion of financial statements. Once there is a risk, the bank has to bear most of the consequences. " According to Yang Changyan, the external information of small and micro enterprises and private enterprises is rich and extensive, including tax payment, industry and commerce, credit, litigation, import and export trade, warehouse receipts and other business information, which are distributed in different departments. At present, some local information service platforms can provide query services, but the next step is to work hard on the efficient integration and integrated export of information, so as to reduce the query cost of bank credit managers. The steering group made a statement: seriously study the deficiencies in improving the operation level the reporter noted that a considerable part of the difficulties reflected by various enterprises in the survey are the common problems faced in the intensified market competition and transformation and upgrading stage, and private enterprises and state-owned enterprises are also facing challenges. There are also difficulties for some enterprises due to excessive expansion in the past high-speed development period, involving in too many industries and industries, and failing to operate prudently. Under the favorable situation that the decision-makers have clearly shown their firm determination to support the development of private economy, guide and protect private economy, how to seize the opportunities in the market transformation and development is a big test for the government, enterprises and banks. Zhu Shumin pointed out that from the situation of visiting many cities, the practices of various regions are different, and enterprises from all walks of life are in different situationsAt the same stage of development, the problems encountered are also different. When promoting the implementation of policies, the province can learn from each other and promote good experience, and take the initiative to strengthen the guidance of enterprises.

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