Is network/systems engineer something you can take a break from for a few years and then be hired into the industry again later??

It seems that you have some previous experience in the networking field. Though you have taken a long time break for your career, you still can work on improving the latest skills in computer hardware networking fields. Supplement Your Skills with Networking Training and Courses, which will help you fetch a good job soon.

Network Systems Engineer Job:?

The Network Systems Engineer also known as computer network architects, network engineers work with an organization's computer network, using IT to make network systems for all employees to use. These data networks can incorporate Local Area Networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), intranets and extranets.

The Network Systems Engineer plans to develop, deploys, test and optimize networks and system services. Network engineers are in charge of building and maintaining the everyday operations activity of computer networks that organizations and companies rely on.

Network system engineers work in the upper level of an organization's information technology division, administering the functionality, structure, and security of the computer system. This position will concentrate on the management of existing clientele’s network infrastructure to incorporate desktop PC’s, servers, network equipment (switches, firewalls, and routers), telephone systems, and software applications.

As per payscale [ ]: A Network Systems Engineer earns an average salary of $87,584 per year.

Overall, the employment outlook for the new network engineers is truly positive. Employments in the field outnumber applicants, keeping the unemployment rate for the network engineers around zero.

Generally, organizations require network engineers to have at least a four-year degree in software engineering, while master's degrees, or a related field and 5-10 years of experience in network administration are preferred. Graduation in the relevant IT field and specialized certification also could prove valuable in becoming a network engineer. Technology specific certifications & relevant experience are taken into account while choosing for senior levels of network engineers.

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