When Dianna Dorisi Winget got married, she became an instant mom to a 4-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter. Their mother had died from cancer two years earlier. Dianna and her husband went on to add another daughter to their family. I came down with a really bad stomach virus last year. I caught it after riding on public transportation in Dallas for the first time. That was a wake up call! (Hello anti-bacterial wipes!)

That experience is what planted the seed for Dianna’s first novel. I recently read her debut middle grade, A Smidgen of Sky, and the story softened my heart. At first, it was horrible but then I found some peace in it. I found that I was lying around actually… relaxing! Which is something I hadn’t done in a very long time.

Piper Lee, a spunky girl from the South, is determined to stop her mother from getting remarried. Her dad disappeared in an airplane crash four years earlier, and Piper Lee still holds onto the hope that he might one day reappear. To make matters worse, her mom is going to marry a man who has a daughter Piper’s age.


“Step families face tremendous and unique challenges, and I know if I could do it over again I’d likely do a much better job,” Dianna says. “Writing about Piper Lee and her struggles to fit into a new family dynamic just felt natural to me, and I hoped many young readers would be able to relate.”

Dianna spent more than seven years working on A Smidgen of Sky from her home in the mountains of Idaho. “Once I get a story idea, I let it percolate for a while in my head. Then when I feel the urge to begin, I jot down just a few thoughts.”

I hope you’re feeling better now! Big love to the family and those beautiful girls!

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