test results confirmation and query method    query results through Vue's website   on the second day after you finish the test, you can log in to query the test results. Fill in the validation and registration we told you. After entering, you can see your name, examination subject, examination time and other information. You can use Vue Australia examination center toll free number (Chinese can be used) 0800-666-022 to confirm.  query the test results through the websites of hardware manufacturers   generally, the results will be sent to the database of the relevant software and hardware manufacturers about ten days after the completion of the test, and you can query your registered email address, the address to receive the certificate, and whether the certificate is sent through the websites of these companies Information on the project.   how to log in to Microsoft website for query  Login Cisco website for registration and query   SUN website for registration and query   query CIW certification    all Microsoft certification examinations can call Microsoft free customer service in Taiwan. Microsoft customer service center: 0800-666-512 (Chinese service personnel). You can easily query your MCP  ID, password and certificate acquisition.               1. Please go to the Chinese and English Pinyin reference website to find your English surname and first name, mainly in WG Pinyin             2. Log in to the Live ID registration website:   3 The following figure shows an example of how to fill in personal data:   * all fields are required, and all data must be filled in semicircular English or numbers   first NaMe (first name): TA tou *  be sure to use the blank key to separate    last name: Wang     country / region: Taiwan      4. Please fill in the following fields completely and make sure all the data are correct. Press the "create account" button.     5. Please go to your e-mail box to check whether you have received a letter with the purpose of "verifying your e-mail address" in the "receiving box" or "junk mail box". After finding the letter, please click "verify" xxxx@xxxxxx "Button.     6. Please go to the Microsoft Learning Website:   click "register test".       7. Please select the subject you want to take: this document takes the subject code of 70-177 as an example.     8. Click the "schedule test date with Pearson Vue" button.     9. Please confirm whether the English name is entered correctly. In foreign countries, the first name is followed by the last name:  2? job function: select the job that best describes your job. ? country / region: select your country. * terms of use: please check it, otherwise you can't press the "next" button.     10. For registration of personal data, the following figure is an example: * all the fields are required, and all the data must be filled in the semi graphic English or numbers  ? First name: TA tou * Please use the blank key to separate  ? Last name: Wang  ? Please fill in the Chinese address       11. Please press submit.   12. Please select the registration method. If you want to go to Hengyi examination hall for the test, please select I will be scheduling for a future date at a test?     after selection, please press "next             after selection13. Please select the language of the test questions. After selection, please press next     13. After confirmation, please press?     schedule this exam?      Please note that you can't change the subjects and language of the test after pressing. 14. Select the test venue you want to participate in, and then press     next?     the code of Hengyi points:?   Taipei: Systex Corporation, fast search: fusing n Rd, Taipei?    Hsinchu: Systex SHC, fast search: Guangfu Road, Hsinchu?   Taichung: Systex STC, fast search: Taichung, Taiwan   Kaohsiung: Systex SKH, quick search: 806, Kaohsiung, Taiwan             15. Click the date you want to take the exam. If the date cannot be selected, it means that the examination room is full on that day. 				          16. Click your test start time. If there is no alternative time, it means that the examination room is full.     17. Please press     proceed to checkout          18- 1】 Please confirm the candidate information. Please pay special attention to the fact that if the certificates you present do not match, you will not be able to take the examination.   to confirm, please press "next        19Please read the examination rules carefully. Please pay special attention to the fact that the examination room will carry out identity verification in accordance with the examination regulations. If the examinee fails to meet or comply with the examination regulations on the day of the examination, the examination room will refuse you to take the examination and there is no refund. Please check "I have read and agree to the Microsoft policies listed above." and then click     next                     after confirming that all the regulations can be complied with 20. [checkout process-3] please select the payment method and input the payment information. After input, please press     next? If you have an exam voucher, please select     Add voucher or promo code?          after inputEnter the exam coupon number       21. [checkout process-3] please confirm the payment information again. To confirm, please press     next        22. [checkout process-4] please confirm the exam related information and payment method.   Please note that the examination registration will be completed after pressing "submit order"    and cannot be changed.     23. [checkout process-5] receipt     23  24. After registration, you will receive a confirmation letter from Pearson Vue, in which you will be reminded of registration information and precautions. Please note that according to the regulations, you need to carry two kinds of documents when taking the examination: English name certificate (passport or credit card, which must be the same as the English name registered in Vue system) and photo Certificate (ID card or driver's license). If the certificate does not match, the examination cannot be conducted. 		                    					      					    						  											  					   					 					 									  				                                                                TOP↑                              

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