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MIDI player, MIDI status display, MIDI file selector and WRD player for Open Sound System (OSS) are now available!


OSLinux, FreeBSD, etc. (OSS supported OS)
Sound DriverOSS version 3.0(?) or newer
Sound CardFM or GUS or external MIDI synth
Window SystemX11R5 or later

WRD player may work on UNIX system with X11 (but cannot be synchronized playbacks with music).


MIDI player
This program can playback Standard MIDI File and Recomposer RCP/R36/G18/G36 format file.

MIDI status display
This program displays various parameters of playing music in realtime.

MIDI file selector
This program shows titles of MIDI files in the specified directory.

WRD player
This program playbacks MIMPI format WRD file. It displays lyrics and images synchronized with playing music. In emulation mode, this program works alone.

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Please send some comments to satoshi@ueda.info.waseda.ac.jp.

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