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NEWS:Do you use tail command? Try tktailf!
NEWS:JS-Counter version up. Fix the problem with Netscape Atlas preview 3 for Windows95. (version 1.3)

What's JS-Counter?

JS-Counter is an access counter written in JavaScript and perl.

It's counter is appeared at Netscape's status line and scroll from right to left.

  • This counter is scrolling.
  • You can change message string, scrolling speed, number of time to repeat.
  • It work for muptiple pages with one JS-Counter.
  • Platform

    May be JS-Counter server is works only on UNIX system. To use JS-Counter, you must satisfy the following condition:
  • Your WWW server is either NCSA httpd or apache httpd.
  • Your WWW server enable you to use Server Side Include.
  • There is perl or perl5 on your site.
  • Download!

    You may use JS-Counter in your web-site!

    Download js_counter-1.2.tar.gz

    How to install?

    The step by step install procedure is described here. This page is also included in distribution.
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    AUTHOR: Gaku UEDA (gaku@ueda.info.waseda.ac.jp)