*Download UNYO-UNYO
*Download UNYO-UNYO [#k71c7ca7]
-UNYO-UNYO: The LMNtal Visualizer~
-Latest version: 0.5.1~
*How to Use
-Latest version: 1.1.1 (20100307)~
*How to Use [#l885c460]
+Unzip download file.
+If you need, install Java.
+If you need, install latest Java.
+Start "unyo.jar" or "unyo.bat" (click the file or input command)
+Choose "File > Open file" in the top menu bar, and select the program which you want to open.
+Click "Go Ahead" button on the bottom-right panel, so that the program proceed.
+Click "Go Ahead" button at the bottom of the center panel, so that the program proceed.
-[[''more information''>Visualizer]]

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