Download LMNtalEditor

[ Download ] latest version : 1.3.0
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Start LMNtalEditor

  1. Unzip the download file. (Please do not include space in your directory name.)
    ok: C:\LMNtalEditor1_3_0\
    ng: C:\Documents and Settings\LMNtalEditor1_3_0\
  2. If necessary, install Java and Cygwin (on Windows) (see System Requirements below).
  3. Download ltl2ba.
  4. Open the archive and move to LMNtalEditor1_3_0/lmntal/.
    > gunzip ltl2ba-1.1.tar.gz
    > tar xf ltl2ba-1.1.tar
    > mv ltl2ba-1.1/ LMNtalEditor1_0_0/lmntal/
  5. Click the LMNtalEditor.jar file (or input "java -jar LMNtalEditor.jar") and follow the instructions to install SLIM.

System Requirements

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