LMNtal (pronounced "elemental") is a concurrent language based on
hierarchical graph rewriting.  It features:

-rule-based multiset rewriting,
-connectivity represented using 1-to-1 links,
-hierarchy represented using membranes,
-locality of rewrite rules,
-dynamic process/rule migration,
-graphical view of programs and computation,
-uniform treatment of processes and data,
-and so on.

An implementation (a translator into intermediate code and
a runtime system) running on a Java platform is available.
It features 

-nondeterministic execution (exhaustive search),
-foreign-language interface to Java,
-read-eval-print loop,
-redex/rule selection strategies, and

The following figures illustrate some diagrams that can be
represented and handled nicely in LMNtal:


The language and the implemenation has been developed since 2002 by
the LMNtal team, Dept. of Computer Science, Waseda University.

//**Sample Input 1
//    a,a,a,a,a,a, (a,a :- {a}), ({$p,a},{$q} :- $p,$q) 
//**Sample Input 2
//[[Download]] (append.lmn)

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