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*System Requirements

The LMNtal system runs on virtually any platform
(including Windows, Cygwin, and UNIX/Linux) running the
Java Development Kit (JDK) or the Java Runtime Environment (JRE),
version 1.5 or higher.

To use ''lmnc'' and ''lmnr'' commands (see [[How to Use]] page) or the foreign-language interface, or to create libraries, JDK is required to compile Java programs you provide or generated by
the LMNtal compiler.  Otherwise, JRE should be fine.

*Downloading LMNtal

Click [[''here'':http://www.ueda.info.waseda.ac.jp/lmntal/lmntal-20080828.zip]]
to download the latest version (1.00.20080828) of the LMNtal system.

- The version 0.7 (and up)
supports compilation into Java.
- The version 0.8 (and up) supports
nondeterministic execution mode that explores all reduction paths.

In case you
encounter a problem, [[here:http://www.ueda.info.waseda.ac.jp/lmntal/lmntal-20061218.zip]] is a stable old version (0.86.20061218).

The old, interpreter version coming as a single .jar file
is still available from the [[Download Interpreter]] page.

Downloading SLIM
-SLIM is a lightweight LMNtal runtime written in C.
-Click [[''here'':http://www.ueda.info.waseda.ac.jp/slim]]
-Click [[''here'':http://code.google.com/p/slim-runtime]]
for more information and 
to download the latest version of the SLIM system.

Downloading LMNtal Editor
-LMNtal Editor is an integrated development environment (IDE) for LMNtal.
-Click [[''here''>LMNtalEditor]] to download the latest version of the LMNtalEdior system.


Create a new folder/directory (referred to as $LMNTAL_HOME in
this online manual) and expand the downloaded .zip file there.
That's all!

'''Note''':  The $LMNTAL_HOME folder should '''not''' be created under
"Documents and Settings", "My Documents", or any other folder
whose name contains white spaces.

Three subdirectories, ''bin'', ''lib'', and ''sample'' will be created:
-The ''bin'' subdirectory contains the system (.jar file) and several
shellscripts for Windows NT/2000/XP, Cygwin and UNIX/Linux.
-The ''lib'' subdirectory contains the library API (source and class files).
-The ''sample'' subdirectory contains program examples.

Please note that the API and examples are constantly growing.

Now proceed to the [[How to Use]] page and enjoy.

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