How to Install

Put the jar archive file to a directory writable by the archive. The installation is completed.

JAVA 1.4 or higher is required.

Library Installation (experimental feature)

 +- lmntal.jar
 +- ../lmntal_lib/
 |   +- io.lmn
 |   +- ...
 |   +- .lmntal_inline/    --- (automatically generated)
 |      + ...              --- (automatically generated)
 +- .lmntal_inline/        --- (automatically generated)
     +-  --- (automatically generated)
     +- MyInlineCode.class --- (automatically generated)

Note that the library feature is experimental and subject to change. An archive file that contains some library files can be downloaded from Download.

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Last-modified: 2017-03-02 (Thu) 03:32:49 (1698d)