Backup source of webHydLa (No. 6)

* Overview [#l7994977]
The features of webHydLa include
- syntax highlighting for HydLa and
- 3-dimensional visualization of trajectories.

* Screenshot[#l7994977]

* Usage [#va9389fd]
- Edit your program on the upper left frame.
- Simulate your program by pushing the red "Run" button.
-- The number of phases and/or the period of simulation can be specified in the lower left frame.  Their dafault values in each model can be specified in a comment line of the model.  To simulate the model for 10 phases by default, say
 //#hylagi -p 10
To simulate it for 6 seconds, say
 //#hylagi -t 6
- The control panel provides various parameters for visualization.

* URL [#mdcc96bd]