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* HydLa [#n6644e92]
- 制約階層を用いることで、制約に優先順位を設けることが可能
- 実数領域上の変数についての時相論理式による制約の記述
- 数学や論理学の記法を用いた簡潔な記述
''HydLa'' is a modeling language for '''[[hybrid systems>]]''', that is, dynamical systems involving both continuous and discrete changes.

The key features of HydLa are:
- '''declarative''' modeling of systems as constraints over real-valued functions and
// - model description using mathematical and logical notations, and
- '''constraint hierarchies''' that enable concise modeling of default and exceptional behaviors.

- 数式処理を用いて、記述されたモデルシミュレーションを誤差なく行う
- モデルの許すすべての解を、非決定実行によって求められる
To get started with HydLa, visit ''[[webHydLa>]]'', an online IDE of HydLa with a visualizer, and run example programs.

To run HydLa programs on your computer, a simulation engine of HydLa, named ''[[HyLaGI]]'', can be downloaded.  Unlike many other simulation engines, HyLaGI provides the following key features:
- '''error-free simulation''' using symbolic computation,
- simulation of systems with symbolic parameters that allow us to represent uncertainties (such as 0.9 < p < 1.1), and
- search for all solution trajectories using nondeterministic execution,

For example, the following trajectories were computed from a bouncing ball model whose initial height is given as a symbolic parameter ranging between 0 and 10.
// #ref(../roof_bouncing.png)