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''HydLa'' is a constraint-based [[hybrid system>]] modeling language.
The key features of HydLa are:
- declarative (cf. procedural) modeling of systems as constraints over real-valued functions,
- description of models using familiar mathematical and temporal logic notations, and
- constraint hierarchies that enable concise modeling of default and exceptional behaviors.

''HyLaGI'', an implementation of HydLa, has been developed using C++ and
uses Mathematica and REDUCE as an external constraint solver.  The features of
HyLaGI are:
- error-free simulatation using symbolic computation,
- simulation of system with symbolic parameters and uncertainties, and
- search for all solution trajectories using non-deterministic execution.

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We are also developing ''HIDE'', an integrated development environment for HydLa.
HIDE allows us to model, simulate and visualize models within a unified environment.

Our new web interface of HydLa, called ''[[webHydLa]]'', provides the same features as HIDE.