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FLOPS 2001 Registration and Payment Form

To register for the FLOPS 2001, you must take the following three (or two) steps:

  1. Fill in the following form and select the items, and then submit it. Your name and e-mail address are indispensable, because all announcements will be made by e-mail.
  2. Confirm the information on a confirmation page which appears after the submission. If there is no mistake on that page, press ``OK'' button. An e-mail including the information will be sent automatically to you.
  3. If you pay your fee by a credit card, please print out a completion page which appears next. Then, write in the credit card number and your signature on it, and fax it to us, +81-3-5841-8597 (03-5841-8597 domestic). Be careful not to enter the credit card number in the input form on this web page for security. If you pay your fee by bank transfer, this step is unnecessary. Please take notice that bank transfer is acceptable only from Japan.

Step 1

First name:
Last name:

Conference Fee

Participation After January 30
Regular registration 32,000 Yen
Student registration 22,000 Yen

The conference fee includes participation, proceedings, a banquet and refreshments for one person, and does not include breakfast, lunch, nor dinner except for the banquet. Additional banquet tickets are available below.

Additional Tickets

TicketPrice per personNumber
Banquet 8,000 Yen person(s)

NOTE: The conference fee above includes a banquet for one person! This is for additional tickets.

Payment Method

Credit card Company: VISA MasterCard
Holder's name:
Expiration date:
Bank transfer Remittee
Bank: Dai-ichi Kangyo Bank, Waseda Branch
Bank code: 0001, Branch code: 068, Account Number: 1955011
Account Name: FLOPS 2001, Zhenjiang Hu (representative)

NOTE: Bank transfer is acceptable only from Japan.

Block Reservation of a Hotel

Block reservation has been closed on January 31.

If you finished all the entries, press
If you want to clear all and start over again, press

Send any question to flops2001@ueda.info.waseda.ac.jp.
Technical questions can be received by flops2001-www-admin@ueda.info.waseda.ac.jp.