Fourth International Conference on
Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming
Pisa, Italy, October 26-30, 1998

Workshop on
Modeling and Computing with
Concurrent Constraint Programming
Pisa, Italy, October 30, 1998

Call for Papers (closed) / About the Workshop / Accepted Papers / Programme


The workshop is intended to be a forum of discussions on the practical aspects of Concurrent Constraint Programming (CCP), a simple and elegant formalism for modelling concurrent, parallel, and distributed computation. Topics covered by the workshop include: The workshop will consist of the presentation of accepted papers and discussions about selected topics.

Organizing committee (in alphabetical order)

Accepted Papers

  1. Closed-Form Evaluation and Abstraction for Prametric Timed Automata
    Beatrice Berard and Laurent Fribourg
    Paper [.ps] [.ps.gz]
  2. An Attribute Grammar Modelling for Generating CCLP Languages
    Aggelos M. Thanos and G. Papakonstantinou
    Paper [.ps] [.ps.gz]
  3. Excluding Symmetries in Concurrent Constraint Programming
    Rolf Backofen and Sebastian Will
    Paper [.ps] [.ps.gz]
  4. A Simulator for Concurrent Constraint Languages
    Tatyana Valkevych, David Gilbert and Alexander Letichevsky
    Paper [.ps] [.ps.gz]
  5. Modeling an AERCam: A Case Study in Modeling with Concurrent Constraint Languages
    Lars Alenius and Vineet Gupta
    Paper [.ps] [.ps.gz]
  6. Efficient Logic Variables for Distributed Computing
    Seif Haridi, Peter Van Roy and Per Brand
    Paper [.ps] [.ps.gz]

Programme [Plain text] [PostScript]

The workshop will be held (partly) jointly with the workshop (W5) on "Set Constraints and Constraint-Based Program Analysis."

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