JS-Counter use many functionality, so you had better test step by step.

Find perl and invoke the script

Please find out where perl (or perl5) is. Usually perl can be found at /usr/local/bin.

Then rewrite the top line of the test script 'ssi' (Ssi is involved in the distributed tarball). For example, your perl is /usr/local/bin/perl, the top line should be

Try to invoke the test script 'ssi'. You will see the result like this when you succeed.
% ./ssi
[This message was generated by the perl script 'ssi']

Can you use Server side script?

NOW, check Server Side Include functionality. The JS-Counter discribution includes the SSI TEST PAGE(ssi_test.html). Rewrite the underlined part
<!--#exec cmd="/home/gaku/public_html/js_counter/tarball/ssi" -->
of ssi_test.html to the FULL PATH of your 'ssi' script. [Use pwd etc.]

Then, view ssi_test.html by Web Browser[Netscape etc.] via http method.(http://...) Every thing works well, you will be get the same result with this page.

Configure JS-Counter!

Functionality check was over. Let's start the set up of JS-Counter! You need to modify configurable variables at the top of 'js' script.
Specify where is 'cp' on your system. (/usr/bin/cp etc.)
Specify the full path of each files. These files must be the directory which fully writeble (rwxrwxrwx). It's good idea to keep these files in one directory.
js.skel is written in JavaScript and will be send to the user who watch your page. This script perform the scrolling counter act. js.skel has 3 parameters enable you to change displaying message, update interval, number of times to repeat. See js.skel and set your favorite value.

Test JS-Counter

JS-Counter test sample page is included in the distribution (sample.html). Rewrite <!--#exec ... line to the position of 'js' and view this page with web browser. Is the counter appears? Congratulations!

Set JS-Counter to your page!

If JS-Counter works fine, you can add JS-Counter to any page by following steps.
  1. Add the following line in <HEAD> - </HEAD> block.
    <!--#exec cmd="[full path of your js script]" -->
  2. Modify the <BODY> tag to
    <BODY onLoad="scroll_disp()" onUnload="finish()">
You can set counter to many pages with ONE JS-Counter.