*Nondeterministic Execution Mode

This section is subject to modification.
(A fuller description will be available soon.)

Version 0.8 (and up) supports nondeterministic execution mode
that explores all possible reduction paths.

By giving the -nd option to lmnr(_cyg), the system computes all
possible reduction paths and displays the reduction graph (a graph
representing all possible states and state transition).
The nondeterministic execution mode will return a finite cyclic
graph for a diverging program as long as the set of possible
states is finite.

By giving the --interactive option in addition to the -nd option,
the system displays possible results of execution one by one
(as most Prolog systems do) in response to the ";" (semicolon) characters
entered by the user.

The system comes also with the "all solutions" feature.  The process

 nd.exec{ { ... LMNtal program here ... }* }

will be reduced to a reduction graph of the (Flat) LMNtal program enclosed
by the double membranes.

** Restrictions

- Currently available only for Flat LMNtal programs, i.e.,
progrmas that do not use cells (membranes).

- Nondeterministic execution cannot be used with the --interpret

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