Nondeterministic Execution Mode

(A fuller description will be available soon.)

Version 0.8 (and up) supports nondeterministic execution mode that explores all possible reduction paths.

By giving the -nd option to lmnr(_cyg), the system computes all possible reduction paths and displays the reduction graph (a graph representing all possible states and state transition). The nondeterministic execution mode will return a finite cyclic graph for a diverging program as long as the set of possible states is finite.

By giving the --interactive option in addition to the -nd option, the system displays possible results of execution one by one (as most Prolog systems do) in response to the ";" (semicolon) characters entered by the user.

The system comes also with the "all solutions" feature. The process

nd.exec{ { ... LMNtal program here ... }* }

will be reduced to a reduction graph of the (Flat) LMNtal program enclosed by the double membranes.


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