LMNtal Java allows inline code written in Java, and SLIM allows LMNtal programs to call C functions.

Foreign-Language Interface in SLIM

SLIM allows LMNtal programs to call functions written in C. An LMNtal atom

'$callback'(function_name, arg1, arg2, ...)

calls the C function function_name with the specified arguments. Examples of callbacks can be found in the library programs located in the $LMNTAL_HOME/lib directory, and the corresponding C functions can be found in the $LMNTAL_HOME/src/ext directory.

Foreign-Language Interface in Java


An inline_define atom is an atom of the form

[:/*inline_define*/ inline_define_code_in_Java :] .

An inline atom is an atom of the form

[:/*inline*/ inline_code_in_Java :](X1,...,Xn) .


The execution of inline code takes place immediately after the rewriting task of the rule that creates the inline atom is finished.

Two defined variables can be used in the Java code in an inline atom:

me ... the inline atom itself;

mem ... me.getMem().


[:/*inline_define*/class Foo { static int counter = 0; } :].
% ==> prints LMNtal
hello(X) :- [:/*inline*/
              Atom a = mem.newAtom(new Functor("ok",1));
% ==> ok(there)

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