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* HyLaGI [#mb1f9a19]
- These archives include HyLaGI executable and example HydLa programs.

** For Linux (64bit) [#pc886962]
- &ref(Download/HyLaGI_v0.9.1.tar.gz);

** Hyrose (an older version of HyLaGI) [#f0c1bb51]
** For Win [#f0c1bb51]
- Hyrose is an older version of HyLaGI
- &ref(Download/;
* HIDE [#d49afcd2]
-- Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.7 or later
- Java Archives
-- &ref(Download/HIDE_v0.6.jar); (for HyLaGI)
-- &ref(Download/HIDE_v0.4.jar); (for Hyrose)