Fourth International Conference on
Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming
Pisa, Italy, October 26-30, 1998

Workshop on
Modeling and Computing with
Concurrent Constraint Programming
Pisa, Italy, October 30, 1998


The workshop is intended to be a forum of discussions on the practical aspects of Concurrent Constraint Programming (CCP), a simple and elegant formalism for modelling concurrent, parallel, and distributed computation. Topics covered by the workshop include: The workshop will consist of the presentation of accepted papers and discussions about selected topics.

Organizing committee (in alphabetical order)

Paper Submission

Authors are invited to send manuscripts by e-mail in a self-contained PostScript file (gzipped and uuencoded) to the organizers.

E-mail submissions should be sent to ALL of the following three adresses:

ueda@ueda.info.waseda.ac.jp, podelski@mpi-sb.mpg.de, vijay@chit.saraswat.org

The length guidelines are 10-12 pages in 11-point font and 4000 words. In addition, a separate e-mail message should be sent containing the paper title and a 150-word abstract, authors, keywords, postal address, e-mail address and fax number.


We plan to publish all the accepted papers on the workshop web site. We will also distribute a hard-copy version of the proceedings at the workshop.

Important Dates

September 10, 1998Acceptance decisions
October 5, 1998Final copy due
October 30, 1998CP98 Workshop
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